Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day to all fathers everywhere, from Gloria Poole of Missouri

This photo of my daddy, [H..I. Poole, Jr of Georgia] was sent to me, Gloria Poole, by my youngest [but grown] brother Darrell for my records and to compare his youngest son's face to my daddy's likeness. I did and the generational likeness is very noticeable.

I am posting this here today for two reasons:

1) to honor my own father on this Father's Day weekend though he died in December 2004, because I always honored him when he lived according to commandments of GOD, as written in Exodus 20: 12, King James Holy Bible: "honor thy father and thy mother; that thy days may be long upon the land which the The LORD thy GOD giveth thee."

2) And my second reason is because this morning as I tried twice to send this photo from one of my cell phones to my email it was blocked by cyber-thugs working for prodeathers. The prodeathers have tried to squelch my photos from my cell phones because they think I only have that means of photographing and because they are "busting hell wide open " as my daddy would have said in their effort to censor political speech of mine and in their effort to prevent PROLIFE photos of art I create or of medical photos from being uploaded by me when I photograph them. The phone is question [that the evil Obama administration is throttling to kill it as a "political" tool] was one I bought with my credit card and can be traced back to me in every way. There is no question it belongs to me and only to me, but the evil Obamanites have tried to pin on me a label that they then use to attempt to justify prior restraint of my first amendment liberties. I am law-abiding and have always been law-abiding. My father taught all of his six children to obey the law and he respected the law totally. So, I am doing my best to defeat evil and to overcome attempts by evil to censor my American speech which is covered by the First Amendment since I am a U S citizen born in the state of Georgia.

Life is about celebrations of life at the present but also lives that lived, who have gone on to heaven as in my daddy's case. Tapestry of LIFE is about weaving together in digital form, words, photos, art I create, memories, experiences, education, plans, goals, into journal like form that can be processed in the minds of others. And part of that is about the celebrations of life, the facts of life, the human development of humans, the promotion and advocacy for human life to continue. You may see some I created about the events and things of life that are entertainment at this blog of mine:

You may see pencil sketches and drawings I created of some of the stages of human life development on this site of mine: ArtistIllustrations.

You may see some of the pretend people [and some real people sketches also including of Royals] that I created as part of the ethnic series of art I began in yr 2006 when I lived in Colorado. I moved from Colorado on Oct 31, 2009 and to Missouri because it is a prolife state [and for other reasons also] at this blog of mine:

The ethnic series of oil paintings and sketches is intended to make all people everywhere in any country , of any language, of any tribe or ethnic group or nationality realize that GOD loves them according to John 3:16, KJV as written:" For GOD so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on HIM should not perish but have everlasting life."

When I was about 20 I felt the need to talk to my daddy whom I loved much, about JESUS. So I mustered up the courage to tell him I wanted to talk to him in private. He said ok, and said come with me. I followed him outside to his pick-up truck. He had another truck--or rather the Poole farm did and it was a HUGE probably five times bigger than a pick-up because it was used for heavy duty farm tasks such as hauling soybeans to market. He and I got into the old beat-up well-worn looking truck and he said simply ok. I had prayed for the words, and I said "daddy, I really have to know if you know JESUS as your Saviour?" And he said, " I took care of that long long ago." And that made me happy! And that was the entire conversation. My daddy was a man of few words but his words were always like arrows hitting a dart board in the center circle.

Statement of ownership: this blog and all content on it belongs exclusively to me, Gloria Poole, currently residing in Missouri, but born in the state of Georgia. It is intellectual property that I created and is therefore covered by U S copyright laws and also covered by the motion picture copyright laws because it began with the TV show that I wrote, produced and hosted when I lived in Denver CO on DCTV. I divorced a second time in Arapahoe County Colorado in Oct 2007 after 4 horrible, injurious, ruinous years of marriage to male DBP and removed the Pappas name from my name forever by order of District Court Judge at final decree and resumed my maiden name in full. I moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009 I, Gloria Poole, wrote the words on this blog, created the art on it, photographed the art and or genre photography of it, uploaded it and own the equipment it is produced on. The radical prodeathers are not going to win. They have tried every malware, every con-'game"; every trick to deceive including stealing identity elements of mine such as my telephone numbers from my medical records and or by breaking into my telephone lines [read my post from another blog of mine : for more on that subject to try to squelch, persecute, harass me into quitting the personhood amendment clause effort. And you know why? because I am a REGISTERED NURSE with work experience in the operating room and as the writer of policy for ambulatory surgery centers and was then considered an "expert" on some topics and I am not so easily disqualified on the subject of life for the preborn by the mantras of the stupid and the evil. For some of my writing along those lines, please read:

Also, because this needs to be told, I was ranked in yr 1999 by the U S Naval Hospital at Bethesda Maryland as making a 94 on the ranking tests but was rejected for hiring solely because I don't believe in killing tiny unborn humans in the womb. I was also told by the NY City Dept of Education the following year that my teaching skills were excellent when they considered hiring me to teach sciences but because I said in a lecture that I gave about the human body that "GOD designed and created the human body and brain to work excellently in all ways" {or very similar words], that I 'was not acceptable to teach in NYC for expressing religious "opinion" in interview. So, I decided that perhaps the way GOD could use my education and teaching skills was to take it to the people themselves via TV, blogs, websites, email lettering, personal appearances in churches, travel, poems, medical lessons, art, photos, and I continue that to this day.

Copyright notice: This blog and all content on it is owned by me Gloria Poole of Missouri. This blog and or its individual posts may not be transferred to anyone anywhere, nor have domains forwarded to it that do not belong to me [all my domains were stolen from me by criminals who broke into my hosting accounts with information they stole from me], nor be re-published, nor have blogs created by other unauthorized persons attached to it, nor be republished entirely [I recognize fair use doctrine and may be quoted exactly if attribution of source included]; nor printed at remote; nor copied, nor photo-copied; nor saved to disk by anyone [but me of course as creator/owner of content I create]. I do not have [as yet] either a literary agent, nor an artist's rep, nor a business partner of any sort, and have never signed any document to transfer anything of mine to anyone. I do not authorize the transfer of any art I create or any photos I create or any property I own, on the web. I consider those to be legally binding and must be in actual writing on paper and notarized to be enforceable in the law.

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