Sunday, March 24, 2013

Prolife Winners be encouraged!

I am adding some news snippets on the prolife winners and events from newsletters sent to my inbox to help publicize:

I Quote:

1) "Representing the pro-life position, Kristan proudly proclaimed that she is an abortion abolitionist and pointed out that the issue of abortion is not so much an innately political issue,  but rather a human rights issue. She also dismissed assumptions about the type of stance we supposedly need to take on issues. After all, as she pointed out, most of the nation’s youth is pro-life." from article at: Also, this quote: "Kristan had a warning as she asked “how dare” libertarians claim to speak for others if they can’t even protect the pre-born.

Indeed, my understanding of the libertarian stance is that if a person isn’t hurting anyone else, she should be allowed to do what she wants. While I will not get into it too much about what I dislike about libertarians, I do have a problem with libertarians who are pro-choice. Besides it being an immoral position to take, it is simply not true that an abortion does not hurt anyone else, as a successful abortion always ends in the death of an innocent child."

2) from Lifesitenews : "The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of Eastern Michigan University's chapter of Students for Life, who were denied funding by the student government for their Genocide Awareness Project display." And "The ADF alleges EMU officials refused to allocate student activity fees to Students for Life based on the group’s “political or ideological” views, despite the fact that the university funds other groups involved in political and ideological speech." And also: "The lawsuit argues that the first amendment “prohibits content and viewpoint discrimination in a public university’s allocation of mandatory student fee funding.” These quotes from Life Site news at:

3) about KY Sen Rand Paul: "Paul has introduced the “Life at Conception Act,” a bill some call an abortion ban that simply states human life begins at conception." And this one: "According to the National Right to Life Committee, Paul has a 100% pro-life voting record while in the Senate — casting five pro-life votes out of a possible five during his tenure. Paul voted for preventing Obama’s pro-abortion HHS mandate, voted against limiting pro-life free speech, voted to block Obamacare funding, to de-fund Planned Parenthood, and to repeal Obamacare entirely." Quotes from article at :

4) "According to the News Tribune (a newspaper that serves Mid-Missouri), 15-year-old James Vignola, a freshman at Helias Catholic High School in Jefferson City,  ran nearly seven miles in LIFE Runners A-Cross the Country Pro-Life Relay. For his trouble the Missouri High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) took away his eligibility to participate in high school sports for a year." From article at:

You should remember that according to the Holy Bible* GOD calls his followers away from their vocations to follow HIM first. Remember according to the New Testament, when JESUS called his disciples saying "follow Me", that included fishermen, tax collectors, a young teenager named John, a physician named Luke, a persecutor of the church first named Saul but GOD changed his name to Paul? I believe JESUS has not changed. HE still calls His followers away from the goals of the world to follow HIM, obey Him, and teach the gospel, by living it.

Please listen to the call of JESUS when HE tugs at your heart, to follow JESUS toward eternal life in heaven some day, and when HE calls you to be bold for the cause of the civil liberties for the preborn humans. The tiny humans in the womb, created by GOD's power, are in the heart and mind of GOD. GOD says innocent blood shed cries out unto HIM. Innocent blood is shed when a human in the womb is slaughtered.

Some of the prolife scriptures are:

Exodus 20:13 ; KJV,

Jeremiah 1:5,kjv

Psalms 113: 9,kjv

Psalms 82: 3,KJV;

Matthew 18:14, KJV

John 10:10, KJV

Proverbs 31:8, KJV

Job 10: 11-12, KJV

Psalms 100: 3. KJV

Genesis 9:6 .KJV

And I know there are hundreds more Scripture through-out the Holy Bible than considered all together make it clear that GOD never intended innocents to be killed, and that HE intends to punish those who kill innocents, in HIS time and way. Get right with GOD for your own sakes, and also for the sake of the United States that is morphing into a Police State because GOD has warned this nation much about the shedding of innocent blood and the abomination of sodomy {Leviticus 18:22, KJV, and Romans chapter one, entirely].

Gloria Poole; RN and artist, in Missouri; 24-March-2013 @ 2:07pm;

* footnote: my fav is the King James Holy Bible