Saturday, May 24, 2014

Air show photos Memorial Day 2014 by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia

These eleven photos are photos that I, Gloria Poole, of Missouri, photographed today at the air show for Memorial Day here in Missouri, as a way of reminding viewers that Veterans who have served the U S deserve honor and praise because they sacrifice a lot to serve this country. Copyrighted images. Scroll past places where photos were stolen from this blog to all see photos. See about me pg and below photos.

. Criminals at remote broke into this blog as I was uploading photos and stole 4 photos from it. I pray they go to federal prison for breaking into my computer and my isp account. Help @FBI!

Also, see photos I put that I photographed in year 2012 Memorial Day on my blog at

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Gloria Poole; photo-by-gloriapoole/ Gloria / gloriapoole; Gloria Poole,RN, artist/ gloria-poole / gloria.poole/ at my own private apt in Missouri, 24-May-2014 at 3:09pm