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Answering the hard questions when you vote, written by me Gloria Poole, RN, artist of/in Missouri

I , Gloria Poole, Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri [and before that Georgia & other states over a long career], logged into this to update but decided to leave this here for the time being. Precisely because the federal election is getting into the crunch time when citizens of the United States have to vote to elect a new President. How you vote is crucial and I am asking you to apply these same questions to your decision who to vote for, and to vote #Prolife. There are 2 scriptures that come to my mind that reminds world that EVERY word and EVERY deed of all humans will be judged by GOD HIMSELF on His judgement day. Those scriptures : Romans 1: 18-32, KJV, Romans 14:11,-12 and Revelations 2:1-5. KJV, about JESUS removing your candlestick from HIS plan, unless you repent. There is much false doctrine bandied about JESUS and Christianity, by those who think that JESUS died on the cross so they could sin as much as they wanted too. That is a lie of the devil. Those who truly believe in THE LIVING LORD JESUS have a change of heart and cannot do the evil they once did. When THE HOLY SPIRIT resides in a human, that Spirit is THE guiding force and it does not tolerate sin--it wrestles with the human until he or she repents. Voting for those who kill makes you complicent in sin against GOD, because of Exodus 20:13, KJV and the above verses. Ask yourself these questions when you are deciding how to vote because the United States has to have a PROLIFE president if this nation is to continue. Republicans have a PROLIFE platform. Democrats have a so-called [false doctrine] "right" to kill the unwanted and hasn't the US suffered so much because of that--blood running in streets everywhere across of nation because of which party is in White House. WE, the GOOD people have to elect a PROLIFE president!

Here are the so-called "hard questions" to ask yourself at every decision that has the potential to ruin your life:

1) Is the info you have true? If not, stop, ask questions, verify, research, get the facts.

2) Does this belief or philosophy mock GOD, or attempt to defy HIM? If so, stop!

3) Will it lead you on the "straight and narrow path to heaven"? If not, STOP!

4) Is it honorable? [Creditable? just? genuine? Honest?] If not, stop!

5) Will this cause me to compromise the Word of GOD or the Name of GOD? If so, stop!

6) is the decision I am thinking of pure? if so, proceed. If not, stop!

7) Would I be embarrassed if my mother or father or spouse or best friend knew about this? If so, stop, regroup.

8) Is this decision I am thinking of commendable? Will it lead me into GOD's plan for my life? if so, proceed. If not, stop!

9) Is this decision I am thinking of the best possible solution for me? If so, proceed.

10)Is this decision praise-worthy? Will others think this is a wise decision? If so, proceed. If not stop and pray, seek GOD's solution.

I am trying to teach the world how to think in ways that lead to blessings and not curses. If you do not know about either the blessings of GOD, nor the curses of GOD, you should stop right now and read Deuteronomy chapter 28, in King James Holy Bible. The public schools especially in the US teach an atheistic approach to life and it has ruined so many people's lives! You have to learn to think the way GOD intended you too to live to old age and to prosper.

It is written, "the fear of THE LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of The Holy is understanding. " Proverbs 9:10, KJV.

There are some set answers in the Bible such as 'therefore choose life" [Deuteronomy 30:19-20,KJV] when confronted with life or death decisions such as whether to allow a baby forming in the womb to live and be born alive. And that is a MAJOR decision that if you screw it up, will ruin your life. CHOOSE LIFE!

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