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Save baby humans: Overturn Roe v Wade

This is a medically accurate photo of a tiny human floating in the amniotic sac, which is commonly called "the bag of waters." I am posting photos similar to it in in several places because human life matters, and the most urgent need in the United States is ending abortion. It is absolutely evil to kill tiny humans. The law of the species is that each species reproduces after itself. That means humans produce humans when they come together in sex, to reproduce. Remember the Commandment of GOD, "thou shalt not kill" as written in Exodus 20:13, KJV. I enlarged this photo so you could see it better.

I have updated two other blogs of mine with prolife content that is different from this post. And also updated some of my blogs that I put art I create on, so you would probably enjoy those also. The two prolife blogs that have very helpful-to-the-cause-of-life info are:, that has a very compelling prolife music video entitled "This time" by a Grammy winning singer. I'm not going to tell you all about it. See the words that WORK official blog for the info and follow the page to the video, or search for it on youtube.

Also, if you're curious about art I create, you could see more of the art I have created on this Picasa album of mine: Copy the address into your web browser, and it should open to many small photos of art I Gloria Poole have created over several years' time.

Also, remember that the way to overturn the Roe v Wade decision is to provide medical evidence that tiny humans in the womb, are human [with human DNA] and look human by the first month of pregnancy.write on the prolife cause. That is something I often do. In the Roe v Wade decision of U S Supreme Court is the answer to how to overturn Roe v Wade legally at the Supreme Court level. If you want to look up the decision to read it, it's Roe v Wade No 70-18 314 F Supp 1217 and the opinion was written by Justice Blackmun. I read some of it again and want all prolifers to understand how we as a group have to go about changing the killing law. In that U S Supreme Court case, the prodeath side used the arguments that medical doctors didn't have to follow the Hippocratic Oath "to first do no harm". And they quoted English [as in England] common law. And they said that the American Medical Association had been persuaded by a group called "Committee on Human Reproduction" to rewrite their opinion using weasel words. And the prodeathers used the opinion of a government sponsored group called "American Public Health Association" to write "standards" for killing. That was a shameful day in the history of the US. And the prodeathers also quoted the American Bar Association that never had any discernible integrity or honesty and makes their living on criminals, as they seem to think it was all right to kill innocents . After all, they got rich defending murderers not innocent people. Now, here's the thing. Justice Blackmun had a tiny doubt in his mind if abortion should be "legal" and he wrote the words which must be used to overturn Roe v Wade. The decision was based on the so-called implied right to privacy of the 14th Amendment which is ridiculous. But the opinion went on to say that if medical science ever proved that humans in the womb were human, then they would be automatically covered by the protections of the 14th Amendment. That is not Blackmun's exact word but my paraphrase of them. Medical Science proved long ago that humans in the womb are human. In fact, there is a medical speciality for the purpose of providing specialized medical care for them in the womb. So it is up to prolifers to demand that Roe v Wade be undone by U S Supreme Court based upon proven humanity of human in a human woman's womb.

I may add them here for you but for now, google the Roe v Wade decision and the 14th Amendment and read them for yourself. It is a long opinion that was written by Justice Blackmun on Jan 22, 1973. It has to be undone. It must not be "legal" to kill tiny, defenseless humans anywhere but especially in their mothers' wombs. I ask you readers to take up the cause, raise the PROLIFE banner,and fight the good fight to defeat evil in the US.

Also, the good news is that the coming year 2014 will be a turning point in the fight for the civil liberties of the preborn to be born alive. I write based upon news from Life News that 87 abortuaries closed this year; and many celebrities have made public statements, or have written songs and made videos to promote live births; and some of the TV stations have begun programming showing men and women discussing their unborn baby, and youngish-looking grandmothers chasing around toddlers in a game of hide and seek. And really good news for the world influenced by the Queen of England [and certainly the U S is; but so are about a hundred other countries] was the video on prime- time TV of Queen Elizabeth II, talking about how babies give hope for a future for any nation.#BritishMonarchy. Those are all very positive for the culture in the U S to re-program the minds of the nation into seeing babies as blessings from GOD and not as curses to be destroyed.

Also, there is a legal challenge to the attempt by Planned Parenthood to silence prolifers, and you can read the particulars on another blog of mine [to get the link info] at:

So, all in all, the medico-legal climate for the protection of the preborn is better than it has been since before Roe v Wade. There is a backlash against the radical agenda of the Obama administration that made a plan to annihilate millions of the tiniest humans in the womb, with their so-called "ObamaCare" plan to pay abortionists with tax dollars. The people of GOD must rise up and defeat Obama and his radical socialism killing scheme to redistribute wealth through massive taxation that he has labeled "premiums" but which [#SCOTUS] U S Supreme Court's Chief Justice Roberts said was a tax.

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