Monday, November 4, 2013

"I AM the way" said Jesus & words of Jefferson

I am adding here a digital image of a real wall plaque that I own that has the words of Thomas Jefferson in his handwriting on it, because the wisdom of those words is apparent.

Gloria Poole, creator of Tapestry of LIFE when it was a TV show in Denver, Colorado, but is now online presence run from Missouri by me Gloria Poole. I moved myself and all my equipment to Missouri in Oct 2009, and I have continued to write/ create prolife blogs and content and to promote the First Amendment liberties of U S citizens [ including me] and to promote a republican form of government as defined by the U S Constitution. I am opposed to all of the schemes of Obama to make the U S a socialism form of government. I do not think any nation that keeps its citizens perpetually as wards of the state is a good nation.

It is no secret that Tapestry of LIFE {both when a TV show and as an LLP and now a sole proprietorship] is about human life. It is all about ending the false "right" to kill one's offspring known as abortion. Abortion is a heinous sin against GOD and a crime against humanity which by definition is genocide. It is evil and it must be stopped in the U S and the so-called "first world" countries because the so-called "third world" countries are producing living humans who will make the rules if they are the majority [and they are in most of the world]. I want righteous people to make the rules whatever color they are,and not those who kill innocents to make the rules. I believe The Holy Bible to be the inspired word of GOD and I adhere to the commandments of GOD as much as my human condition allows. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life even as was always trying to live for THE LORD JESUS [The Messiah foretold by the prophets in Old Testament].

I am adding here also the words of JESUS about the way to heaven:

The words of JESUS are from the Holy Bible and the words of Thmas Jefferson one of the founders of the U S republic are in the public domain as historical documents, but I own the plague I photographed for this image to put here.

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Gloria Poole owner of Tapestry of LIFE and of this blog and of the content on it. Gloria Poole at my apt in Missouri, 4-Nov-2013 at 8:59am.