Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Welcome to the Human Race, baby Prince of UK

Here's my artist's interpretation of the UK's baby Prince George. Of course, it doesn't really look like him. I saw his photo and he looks beautiful. But I'm trying to make a point here. If there is no revolution in the UK for a republican form of government {with no Monarch] the wee Prince will someday be the seventh King George of the UK. So. I have written on a couple of my name blogs already about this, but want to say welcome to the human race, baby Prince.I drew this in pencils last nite about 3am when I couldn't sleep; then painted it with acrylics when I finally got up from restless nite. You see it is a sketch only--only 14 x 17 paper in my sketch book clipped to my portable drawing board. I put my first sketch of a baby that I had drawn in several years on my blog at yesterday. Then realized it was a redo, so waked up thinking about it --wanted it to be dramatic somewhat and make world aware that his whole life is mapped out for him already. In a way, that's problematic to me as a U S citizen, believer in the plan of salvation of THE LIVING LORD JESUS; which forbids the worship of humans, or idols]. So, what do you think?

Also, I create art often and usually I post it to one of my blogs with my real born with name of Gloria Poole on it. But I have also posted art I created to this blog from the beginning of the blog. My name is Gloria Poole, because I removed the Pappas name from my name after 2nd divorce in Oct 2007 in Arapahoe County Colorado and resumed my maiden name. I have written that before but it has to be repeated because I have recently received info that my ID was still being used by someone in Colorado. I moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009. I am the white, Christian, single, woman, artist, Registered Nurse, blogger, republican, mother and grandmother of minor children, who was born in the state of Georgia.

I have other blogs including;;,; and See my profile pages on Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, wordpress, tumblr, Live Journal, and others.

I have written on the web on the prolife cause since about 1993, via words that WORK that I began in the state of Georgia as a mission on the web to promote human life and the gospel.

Then when I moved to Denver for 7 years, I continued words that WORK, reregistered it as an LLP there; and I was a TV producer at DCTV and created a prolife program that won notice in California. I began the TV show Tapestry of LIFE TV in Denver Colorado in about Jan 2003. I volunteered for the TV station DCTV to learn how to work the TV cameras, how to produce and host a TV weekly program. I worked as an RN at a hospital in Denver when I began the show. I volunteered for the TV station for about a year giving my time as camera-woman, producer, director then I was asked by the TV station Manager [George Perez] if I would create a show of my own, and I agreed too. I registered it with the Colorado Secretary of State business registrations in my name and with my info. I wrote it, produced content in the form of art at times, brought displays to it, was the hostess of it. I submitted a video tape of it to California and won recognition for it. My then -husband DBP was never actively involved in it and created no content for it, nor provided any resources for it such as time, or effort. The purpose of the show was to reeducate the population and to end abortion as a right. I wanted to make a documentary on the evil of abortion and that was my inspiration for all the work and learning at the TV station.

Then, when my then-husband [DBP] became so insistent I quit the TV station by dragging me from the station, I morphed it to an online presence. I did not ever work for or with my now 2nd exhusband [DBP] and he was never my business partner. He sabotaged me in every way possible. That 2nd marriage was a disaster for me and I received permanent injuries from my then-husband as he attempted to control, dominate,hurt me, enslave me almost; and then finally attempted to kill me. I am divorced from him and I am very grateful to GOD for that mercy. I don't want to get side-tracked about those events but I am trying to make it very clear, who I am and where I am, and that I began the name Tapestry of LIFE when I began my show in Denver.

I selected that name of Tapestry of LIFE TV because I had been to Europe several times and had seen the beautiful woven tapestries there. I thought how the weavers took threads and made a work of art. that was my goal--to take the threads of my life as RN, artist, speaker, writer, blogger and weave them together into a TV show for the promotion of the human race. If you have never seen a tapestry, I photographed a bit of my tapestry which is much simpler than the ones in Europe, to add here so you have an idea what a tapestry is.

I hope all enjoy the sketch, and have a better understanding of tapestries in general, and the purpose/mission of the online presence of Tapestry of LIFE as I began it in about Jan 2003 in Colorado. I incorporated it as an LLP in Colorado, but discovered that in state of Colorado that was a problem because anyone could declare themselves a "partner" with no authority to do so, and it was not questioned by anyone but those who had their identities stolen. The business partners of that LLP then were me Gloria Poole and my 2 grown daughters who are Jennifer and Leigh though Jennifer and Leigh never lived in Colorado. It is not an LLP now as I continued it as a sole proprietorship when I moved to Missouri.

I have also continued the official blog of words that WORK as a sole proprietorship. See it at Neither are businesses* as such, but a method of writing, educating, informing the public on the issues that affect tiny humans in the womb. The goals for it have not changed.

Copyright: I Gloria Poole own the copyright and all rights to all art I create, all words I write, all photos I photograph. In most cases, I have the physical art I created and then photographed to display on blogs. I also have my photos I have taken since yr 2008 backed up on several physical drives and some online albums also.

Gloria Poole,RN and artist in all art mediums; at my apt in Missouri; 2:33pm; 24-July-2013.

*footnote: I have not made the goal of those the gain of wealth but have also not ever gotten or applied for not-for-profit status for them because of the strings attached that amount to government censorship.