Sunday, January 20, 2013

Marching for Life once/yr is not enough

I read the well written article in today entitled "Four Decades after Roe..." about all the legal efforts in the past 40+ yrs to "guarantee" women the ungodly "right" to kill their offspring. I disagree with all of that political gerry-mandering, spin on words of the convoluted reasoning that decided the Roe decision. There can never be any such right as the right to kill innocents when they are their tiniest,most defenseless and most vulnerable.

If the U S were not brain-washed by Dept of Education's fake pablum spoon-fed to them via public schools spinning the words of the Constitution, bad Judges would never have gotten on the U S Supreme Court to begin with.

The bright spot in the CNN article is that it stated that 52 % of America thinks abortion should only be legal in few or no circumstances. Which means that prolifers are the MAJORITY opinion in the U S, which is good news for baby humans,who need real in-the-flesh-word-warriors to fight it out in courtrooms for their right to life.

The right to life in the Constitution is understood by all;[ but the stupid and the wicked , who are quick to assert that right for murderous men like James Holmes who murdered 22 people in Aurora and injured 56 more]. Justice in the U S was turned upside down by the sort of perverted people like Ruth Ginsberg and wishy-washy, mealy-mouthed men like John Roberts.

My point is, that marching once a year to state that you are prolife is not enough. You have to do more. Create blogs, write letters to the Editor, participate in public forums, paint prolife paintings, write prolife songs, speak everywhere any opportunity on the subject presents itself. Make your voices heard every day to speak for the right to life for all humans in the womb to be born alive. Create science projects of how babies inwomb develop. If you are a professional photographer for a News agency, call up your local abortuaries, ask them to let you photograph the aborted babies. {Then, you will most certainly understand just how much political cover-up goes on to conceal the heinous crimes of abortion.] Of course, vote prolife. Volunteer for prolife candidates.

Also, see the medical facts of how humans develop in the womb at:

I am adding here my photo of my painting I recently completed of a baby sleeping on the daddy's arm. I just titled it "Baby".

Gloria Poole, RN; @ my apt in Missouri; 20-Jan-2013; 2:05pm.