Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas to all & Bright Beginnings in NY

Remember that Christmas is about how GOD came in the flesh by sending His Holy Spirit to hover over a virgin and a Holy child was born, whose name was/is JESUS. That child grew in grace and wisdom according to Scripture. When he got to about 33 years of age (his age is only estimate--his birth could not be pinpointed to exact time in history), He began his public ministry of healing the sick, causing the blind to see, and raising the dead Lazarus. All of this is recorded in the New Testament. Then because he rattled the established religions of false gods, he was persecuted and judged by Cesar Augustus. Though he ws not found guilty of any crime, he was crucified --killed with that age's form of capital punishment to appease the rabble-rousers. But he had promised his disciples he would rise from the dead. on the third day a woman went to his tomb to put flowers probably [as women do] but the big stone was rolled away from the entrance to the stone cave and she could walk in and see the burial cloths lying there and JESUS gone. An angel appeared to her & told her that JESUS was risen from the dead and was alive and for her to tell others. She ran back to her village and told the disciples.

The above is a paraphrase, that means I put the Bible scripture in narrative form in my words to make it easy for anyone to understand. The Bible records all of these events in the book of Luke and the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John. I prefer the King James Holy Bible because it's language is precise, poetic, doesn't mince words or play word games.

I pray that all would come to know The Living Lord who is alive forevermore according to Revelation chapter one. JESUS lives in heaven and he gave to all, when he was in human form on the earth an invitation to stand at the door of your heart and knock til you open and let him in; so that when you die you can ascend to heaven as he did to live eternally with him there. The book of Revelations describes heaven, tells who goes there and who doesn't, what the end [Armageddon, the final war] of the physical earth will be like, what GOD's Judgement Day will be like; and the end result [description] of heaven and also of hell, where unbelievers go, forever separated from GOD.

I, Gloria Poole, am adding this here today because Christmas is essentially Christ- mas. The word Christ meant the anointed one, in ancient languages, and became sort of a surname for JESUS that humans gave him. It is a celebration of what JESUS did for the human race --endured humanity when HE lived in heaven before coming to earth in the form of a human baby [read Genesis chapter 1,2]; endured persecution,an humiliating agonizing death & then ascended to heaven to prove that HE alone was The One GOD [Read John 10:30,KJV] who conquered death [came back to life, was witnessed alive after having been dead 3 days]; reappeared to the apostle John on the isle of Patmos [book of Revelation] to show him a vision of heaven and to reveal that HE JESUS was alive.

I ask you to pray a simple prayer if you do not know JESUS as your Saviour. Pray simply "Father GOD if you are real, and alive reveal yourself to me. I want to know the truth. Amen". Amen means so let it be done.

Merry Christmas whatever the state of your soul is today. Remember that JESUS died for your sins so you don"t have to die eternally but can be resurrected after a physical death into the heavenly realm is you submit your life to GOD.

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