Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote today & vote for the tiny humans to live

Today is the time to make your voice heard and your vote count for righteousness. The tiniest, most defenseless, most vulnerable humans [those in womb] need you! When you vote remember that a human man & a human woman reproduce HUMANS not cabbage patch dolls or animals. HUMANS come from humans. Those in the womb are human from the get-go as they are directly from human seed of male sperm and female ovum [egg].

It is imperative for the human race to continue, and for them to "occupy" til JESUS comes again. If you study the deeds of Obama you see he is not of GOD. Everything he has championed is forbidden by GOD {killing with drones forbidden by Exodus 20:13; killing in womb forbidden by Matthew 18:14; forced depopulation forbidden by Genesis 1:26-28; homosexuality forbidden by Leviticus 18:22_30 & Romans chapter one].

When you vote today please vote for family men : Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan; Richard Mourdock, Todd Akin, Ed Martin. These men have made it known that they intend to stand up to be counted on the side of GOD and life in the issue of whether there is any "right" to kill one's offspring. There isn't any right to kill . Period. No government can turn GOD's laws upside down with impunity. There will be a judgement day according to the book of Revelations. Those who reject GOD will be condemned to eternal damnation. those who receive GOD into their hearts, repent of their sins and turn away from a lifestyle of sinning will be in heaven with GOD {JESUS is synonym according to John 10:30; all scripture from King James Holy Bible} when they die. How you vote matters. The future of the U S hangs in the balance dangling like that NY crane. GOD is watching every person according to scripture. IF you doubt it, read the Bible from cover to cover like you would read any book. Start with verse 1 of Genesis and read through in sequence to Revelations 22:21, 1834 pages in all. It will change your life for the better.

All those unanswered questions you have about human life, about why you are on earth, what your purpose is, are answered in The Bible. I personally do not think the New International version of The Bible is close to the truth because it makes light of sin and redemption.

Also, of importance is to remember that U S citizens [and I am one, born in state of Georgia] have First Amendment liberties of freedom of worship, not freedom from worship. Those are diametrically opposed ideas. Communism demands freedom FROM religion or religious influence; whereas a republic allows its citizens to worship GOD and to believe in GOD, publish their thoughts, ideas, words about GOD and their relationship to HIM; and HIS laws/commandments. Neither the U S nor its Judges, whether appointed or elected can lawfully prevent the worship of GOD or the adherence to GOD's commandments.

So, here's what has happened it seems overnight: Federal Judge Robert Cleland of Detroit ruled against the ObamaCare provision requiring all employers to provide for free to their employees contraceptives and sterilization.That case is the Weingartz Supply Company lawsuit of Utica, Michigan.

He joins two other federal Judges with that ruling.And there are 36 more lawsuits about ObamaCare pending across the nation. A federal judge in Colorado ruled in July that the Hercules Industries could not be forced to violate their consciences by being forced to provide contraceptives and or sterilizations. And Federal Judge Carol Jackson in St Louis ruled in Sept the same thing in lawsuit brought by Missouri company when she said the owner of the Missouri company was to "remain free to exercise their religion by not using contraceptives and by discouraging employees from using contraceptives. Also, the U S Supreme Court said "the loss of First Amendment freedoms for even minimal periods of time unquestionably constitutes irreparable injury." Quotes are from NY times ' article today entitled "Judge temporarily blocks mandates on birth control" and you should read the entire article.

Obama is trying to remove all provisions of civil liberty. Obama has tried to usurp individuals and businesses' rights to decide what is important to them to spend money on --a basic element of liberty; and he has tried to force mandatory contraceptives and he has tried to shift money from funds millions of Americans paid into for decades [Social Security and Medicare for "old-age pensions'] to pay abortionists thus subsidizing abortions with taxpayer money from working people and the retired and or disabled also since there are mandatory premiums already on anyone receiving Social Security to pay for Medicare even after they paid into it for decades. In other words, no citizen is ever vested in Social Security. It's a rolling mandatory tax. Obama suspended the 4th Amendment to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures of personal information with the "Going Dark" effort of the FBI to persuade Congress to force computer manufacturers to build in a back door for any government agent to spy on citizens. Just yesterday, Obama's reelection campaign broke into my iPhone accountt to try to block the signal and black it out, I suppose thinking I wrote my blogs from it.

Obama has indebted this nation to the point where it will take extraordinary efforts by collective of billionaires to pay off its debts to redeem the nation; or generations probably to the 10th generation to pay off if ever. Because they are only paying the interest on the debt now, not the principle.

Please vote only for prolife candidates. Please pray before you go the polls that the will of GOD will be accomplished today all across America. A tweet I received this week I think said to originate with the G-20, said if the U S goes over the financial cliff, it is going to drag down with it every economy in the world. I think that's probably a stretch of the truth, but some economies have no income except from the U S doled out in foreign aid, AIDS money, vaccines money, weapons provided, blah, blah,blah endlessly redistribution of U S taxpayer money to other countries.

Gloria Poole, RN; and artist; @ my apt in Missouri ; 6-Nov-2012 @ 8:37am.

Also, I write the blog and updated it yesterday. It has different content and includes some of my sketches if you see the archives of it, fyi. Every blog I write is unique.