Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Wicked are having a HISSY fit

There's a phrase common in the deep South and I put it in the title of this post. Having a hissy fit means to a Southerner that someone is so furious that they will do anything to win.

The Obama administration has broken into my cell phone that was listed in the Colorado Secretary of State business license registry in 2008 as my number [it is mine from the get-go] as my contact for the business I registered there in Colorado [but in the state of Georgia first]; and they have broken into 3 of my 5 twitter accounts; and into my iMac,my iPhone;my landline, my cell phones, my iPod touch; my tablet [1 of them --I have 2] and into 2 other cell phones of mine. People ask me why I have so many cell phones--ways to communicate--and the answer is because NONE of them are reliable, secure, trustworthy-- it takes all of them together to be certain I can communicate with whomever I want too whenever I want too. The cyber-attack team of Obama has broken into all of them to steal "donations", to install "suppression policy of speech " script to control/suppress/prevent my words that are opposed to Obama being reelected. He is the WORST President in U S history because his "Obama-lack-of-care-for-the-preborn-and-elderly-plan will destroy the U S because it is intended to depopulate in order to ruin the nation; and it is intended to kill off the older, wiser population via hospice, and drugs.

They have reached a new low this week since Sunday. I guess they are ramping up for the Obama performance on TV tonite. They tampered with my water supply--I guess at the pump for the city level; and they are sending a "maintenance man' to my apartment this afternoon to try to hinder me from writing my opinion of that sorry-no-good-scoundrel-Obama. They managed somehow to get hired here at apartment complex in Missouri a man from Colorado as if there were no qualified applicants in Missouri. Someone broke into my apartment and removed the batteries from the fire alarms and then broke the glass of the fire extinguisher outside my door to steal the fire extinguisher. At present, they are running some sort of motor outside my window. I guess they are hoping it will drain the electricity from my apartment or fry my computer or short-circuit the transformer. That worked so well for them last year since city had to repair the same transformer three times in about six months. from my apartment. Also, Facebook puts its cookie to steal whatever I write every time I boot up, but I never had a facebook account. And I have noticed that whatever electrical outlet I plug my rechargeables into will be tampered with at the main circuit breaker outside my apartment.So you see, there is nothing they won't do to hinder a prolifer.

I already know that I am alive by the grace of GOD and the supernatural power of THE ALMIGHTY to sustain me after about 5-6 attempts on my life since 2004. So those of you readers who are Christian and or believe in THE GOD in heaven [and not wooden head statues] pray for me please for the protection of GOD, the blessing of GOD, the provision of GOD and supernatural strength when I need it.

Also, this is not off topic because really the suppression of prolifers on the internet is probably one of Obama's biggest hidden agendas, so it is relevant.

Please remember that the First Amendment to the U S Constitution gives U S citizens [and I am one by birth in the state of Georgia] the liberty to worship GOD, to write or speak their beliefs anywhere, to oppose the government with words and marches, protests, [non-violent methods please]; and that includes opposing on the internet via blogs, twitter, any and all platforms those in office who are detrimental to the nation. So. I continue to do that.

This post today is my record/documentation of events in my personal life intended to harass,provoke,persecute me for being Christian & prolife; which being Christian & prolife are not the goals of the fake-Christian-true-Muslim-Obama. I think it is always important to document for history when Presidents or leaders become tyrants/despots/dictators/communist.

Also, remember that the election is in about 3 weeks. It is imperative for the continuation of this nation that Obama exits the White House in January permanently and moves on to his place in the dustbin of history. He is destroying the U S with his depopulation plan, his mega-debt policies to put heaped up on heaped debt on future generations probably to the tenth generation after he leaves office.Vot Romney & Ryan to save the baby humans and to save the nation.

Also, in Missouri vote for Todd Akin for U S Senate because he is willing to sponsor a personhood amendment there and GOD HIMSELF is behind that cause. Read Jeremiah 1:5, KJV; Deuteronomy 30:19-20, KJV; Exodus 20:13, kjv; Matthew 18:14, kjv; John 10:10, kjv; John 14:6, KJV for more about if GOD is prolife [HE IS!] .

Gloria Poole, RN; at my apt in Missouri; 16 Oct 2012; 9:52 am: P.S: also remember I moved to Missouri in Oct 2009 and my R.N. license is in Missouri.