Thursday, March 8, 2012

The enemies of GOD didn't win

Since I wrote the previous entry, criminals tried to take over my desktop via "zombie" files and I had to take time to use computer reference books, command line commands, and original disk to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the OS. I had some computer courses at the Univ of Georgia years ago, and since then have had a few really instructive 'webmasters' of hosting companies, and bought a ton of computer reference books to teach myself. It's amazing what I don't know about programming. But after 3 weeks of trying, I finally got it accomplished. IF I have learned anything in my life, it is to persevere.
OK, now I wrote all of that, to get to this point. The tide in the US is turning to the cause of saving baby humans from destruction. It is one of my life-long goals to end any so-called "right" to kill. I have worked at that goal since 1991. In fact,until I almost got killed for it, endured poverty [for period of time while regrouping from catastrophic events that happened to me when I lived in Colorado], endured the rage of the devil who tried to totally annihilate me from the web and from life; and had to buy new equipment regularly, computer books, [reference, programming, administrator] ; and work at the process at times when I felt so bad.
The good news is that the Gov McDonnell of Virginia signed into law yesterday a requirement that women considering an abortion must have an ultrasound [sonogram] done first & be given the medical description of the tiny human in her womb. Of course, the goal is that any woman with even a grain of sand size-amount of decency & humanity, will NOT abort. And of course, the baby-killing industry is TERRIFIED that they won't meet their quota of dead babies.
And across the U S several legislators [Rep Blount of Missouri, one in Virginia, and federal candidates for office Romney & Santorum ] are all opposing the Obama-depopulate-America plan that violates the first amendment liberties of all people everywhere. Of course, if you make a concentrated effort to study how despots work, then you know that the goal or one of theirs is, to reduce the dependency of the people on GOD and transfer it to a human [whoever the 'leader" is forcing that policy] in order to get control to dominate. The U S cannot allow Obama to usurp the rightful, lawful authority of GOD HIMSELF, whose first commandment was is written in Genesis 1:28, 'be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth," [kjv].
And other good news is that the nation collectively, as a whole, is realizing how horrible the agenda and work of killing tiny innocents that Planned Parenthood is; and rebelling against it, protesting it, marching against it, writing letters to editor against it--all forms of protest.
Also, more good news is that the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that bloggers have the same first amendment privileges as paid journalist, and defined them in such a way as to be inclusive of any platform that creates, writes, edits, gathers, researches information for presentation to the public to teach,educate , inform. Those are my words. Their words were published on Ars Technica few days ago I think.
Keep on keeping on, prolifers. We are winning because GOD is on our side of righteousness .
Gloria Poole,RN; Missouri; 3:18pm;8-March,2012

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