Saturday, September 10, 2011

Public Notice: I am adding Copyright Notices

Notice to the public: I am adding the FBI anti-piracy notice to some of my content. It is a warning label that there are penalties at law if you steal copyrighted material. I will be adding it to some or possibly all of the websites that have my photos I took of my paintings I painted, my sketches i sketched, my drawings I drew, whether or not I then photographed to put on websites; and to my words as Registered Nurse [anytime I sign the RN after my name or designate it in signature]; and to my words as artist, prolife writer, poet, ,consumer, I.T. person/woman.
I think this is necessary because I have had so many emails that I paid for that belonged to me, stolen from me by cybercriminals who then used them to steal content, and to try to steal my very name. I also have the names tapestry-of-life copyrighted, and the names words-that-work; and of course my real name of Gloria Poole; aka: gloriapoole;g-l-o-r-i-a; gloria0817;gloria-poole;gloriapoole.RN;gloriapooleRN at yahoo; gloriapoole [RN]; gloriapoole_RN;gloriapoole-RN; and any variation such as gloria.poole with or without a number attached to it; variations of my real born with name. The name Tapestry of life is also on other sites of mine and on some of my lifemedia-publishing websites including; and I Gloria Poole RN and artist own all rights to my paintings,sketches,drawings, NAME whether it includes my professional status,however written [see above] , and to the names lifemedia-publishing; tapestry-of-life;words-that-work; and to photos I photograph whether or not I add them to any site online; and to my words, poems, essays, content on websites I buy domains for and create content for. You may not use my name in any way or in any of these ways written since I have websites up for years displaying my created original content: g-l-o-r-i-a; gloria0817; gloria-poole; words-that-work;lifemedia-publishing;tapestry-of-life. I am aware there is a radical proabort woman trying to steal a domain name of mine and I am considering suing her and her sponsor of Planned Parenthood for millions for copyright infringement.
I have survived some catastrophic events, and I have some residual problems yet to be resolved [and might never be resolved] but I have not quit trying to make a difference in the world, for the glory of GOD.
Also, you should read the post for today and the previous post about health care warnings on this blog of mine:
Copyright Notice; Gloria Poole; gloriapoole; gloria0817;g-l-o-r-i-a; gloria-poole; gloriapooleRN at; tapestry-of-life;words-that-work; lifemedia-publishing; @my apt in Missouri; 12:04pm;10Sept-2011.FYI: I am adding this logo with permission . See today in for article about use of FBI logo for those who create original content and own copyrights of it.

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