Thursday, August 18, 2011

Minor Children should not be online; Notice I.T.Developers

Notice to I T Developers & Public : "If you’re in the business, and your mobile app fails to identify and comply with laws regarding privacy and disclosure requirements, your company might find itself defending an investigation by the FTC. Not only does that situation involve heavy cost, but an investigation will put your business and its reputation at risk.
Furthermore, if your app either intentionally targets or is attractive to kids, the FTC is even more likely to scrutinize." Quote about FTC monitoring apps that target children and continue quote: "Emily"s apps" ..."violates the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) because the personal information of children under age 13 was collected without parental consent".:
Specifically about the Federal Trade Commission [FTC] investigating company W3 Innovations,LLC makers of "Broken thumb apps" aka Emily's apps in the 'Games-kids ' section of Apple app stores, that collect children's info including photos of themselves and allowed minor children to post content on line to "Emily's blog".
Also, parents, watch your minor children online by being physically present side by side with them if you allow them online. There is so much bad stuff that you would NEVER allow your child to come into contact with, on the web. The Apple iTunes store has a predator app that encourages perverts to entice boys; and another one that teaches se-xu-al positions. Minor children do not need that information, and they do not need to be the grist of a pervert factory. Do not put your children at risk. Do not allow them to be online unless you eyeball what they are seeing/doing. It takes nano-seconds to find anything in a search engine, and you might think it's ok while your fixing supper to allow them to entertain themselves on the computer. Be aware that is a HIGH RISK activity at any time. Because they are innocent and don't know the full ramifications of what they might search. They may have heard a word or phrase snickered about at school and be curious--but don't let your kids be educated in perversions, sodomy, sin, vices; or even the proper role for -s-ex- [hypenated on purpose] . They should have the liberty and enjoyment of an innocent childhood, S-e-x- is for ADULTS, not children.
Gloria Poole[RN] ; @my apt in Missouri; 8:13am;18-Aug-2011