Monday, March 28, 2011

China: Please free Chinese blogger Ran Yunfei;Trends

This quote is from Yahoo News today about how Homeland Security 's Napilitano is not transparent :

"The Freedom of Information Act, the main tool forcing the government to be more transparent, is designed to be insulated from political considerations. Anyone who seeks information through the law is supposed to get it unless disclosure would hurt national security, violate personal privacy or expose confidential decision-making in certain areas. People can request government records without specifying why they want them and are not obligated to provide personal information about themselves other than their name and an address where the records should be sent.
But at the Homeland Security Department, since July 2009, career employees were ordered to provide political staffers with information about the people who asked for records — such as where they lived and whether they were private citizens or reporters — and about the organizations where they worked. If a member of Congress sought such documents, employees were told to specify Democrat or Republican. No one in government was allowed to discuss the political reviews with anyone whose information request was affected by them."

This article proves what some political opponents of Obama have learned since he's been in office. That his Administration is sneaky,underhanded, deceitful,and trying to cover their illegal tactics. If you remember any of his campaign promises, you'll remember how much contempt he and his PR staff heaped on then Pres Bush for claiming Executive Privilege and security exemptions from Freedom of Information requests from the Press. Well. the second paragraph above states that those Freedom of Information requests now require asker to provide info as to whose asking--citizens or journalists? republicans or democrats? so the reply can be tailored to reveal what they want them to know. Sneaky, treacherous,deceitful is how Obama will be remembered and also as the worst President in history for declaring war on Libya without a declaration of war by Congress, and for his massive attack against the unborn/preborn humans.
On the subject of sneaky underhanded governments, China arrested a blogger named Ran Yunfei for opposing the same sort of tactics Obama and other communists employ --of trying to silence/stifle/oppress/suppress their opponents. I am asking the Chinese government to release Ran Yunfei. Expressing opinions even political ones should not be a crime in any country.
Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; 28/March/2011@ 1:43pm
I logged back in because I intended to include this info:According to the online WSJ {Wall St Journal] the countries that suppress/oppress/censor their citizens, do so with technology supplied by either the US or Canada. Those that block anti-government protestors from protesting online use McAfee's "SmartFilter' which is capable of filtering /blocking 90 different categories; or Blue Coat, or NetSweeper from Canada; or WebSense/ That article said 20 MILLION citizens have been blocked from web use for political reasons around the world. IF you think that does not happen in the US , you'd be wrong. I am a prolifer, republican and Christian and in the year 2009 I had a lot of totally Christian and or totally prolife content I paid for the sites for, and created, taken down after Obama began internet censoring of his political opponents.

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