Monday, February 21, 2011

POTUS & FBI involved in cybercrimes targeting Facebook

These quotes are from article entitled:
"Black ops: how HBGary wrote backdoors for the government" written by Nate Anderson,located at:
[Quoting in quotation marks]" In 2009, HBGary had partnered with the Advanced Information Systems group of defense contractor General Dynamics to work on a project euphemistically known as "Task B." The team had a simple mission: slip a piece of stealth software onto a target laptop without the owner's knowledge."
And this quote:
"The company had exploits "on the shelf" for Windows 2000, Flash, Java, and more; because they were 0-day attacks, any computer around the world running these pieces of software could be infiltrated."
And this quote:
"HBGary also provided some Juicy Fruit to [], a unit of the massive defense contractor Northrop Grumman that specialized in, among other things, "computer assault."
[[] to avoid a link included to company Xetron.
And this quote:
"In mid-2010, HBGary Federal put together a PSYOP (psychological operations) proposal for SOCOM, which had issued a general call for new tools and techniques. In the document, the new HBGary Federal team talked up their past experience as creators of "multiple products briefed to POTUS [President of the United States], the NSC [National Security Council], and Congressional Intelligence committees, as well as senior intelligence and military leaders."
And this quote:
"But HBGary Federal's real interest had become social media like Facebook and Twitter—and how they could be used to explore and then penetrate secretive networks. And that was exactly what the Air Force wanted to do."
And this quote:
"Is the idea that we'd want to ingest all of Facebook's data, or just a targeted subset for a few users of interest?"
And this quote:
"The idea was to take an HBGary rootkit like 12 Monkeys and install it on user machines in such a way that users could not remove it and might not even be aware of its presence. The rootkit would log user keystrokes, of course, but it would also take "as many behavioral measurements as possible" in order to look for suspicious activity that might indicate wrongdoing.
What sort of measurements? The rootkit would monitor "keystrokes, mouse movements, and visual cues through the system camera. We believe that during particularly risky activities we will see more erratic mouse movements and keystrokes as well as physical observations such as surveying surroundings, shifting more frequently, etc.The rootkit would also keep an eye on what files were being accessed, what e-mails were being written, and what instant messages were being sent. If necessary, the software could record a video of the user's computer screen activity and send all this information to a central monitoring office"
And this quote:
"Its command-and-control instructions, telling the rootkit exactly what to do and where to send the information, wouldn't come from some remote Internet server but from the host computer's own memory—where the control instructions had been separately injected.
"This is ideal because it’s trivial to remotely seed C&C messages into any networked Windows host," noted Hoglund, "even if the host in question has full Windows firewalling enabled."
And this quote:
"The FBI has had malware like CIPAV (the Computer and Internet Protocol Address Verifier) for several years, and it's clear from the HBGary e-mail leak that the military is in wide possession of rootkits and other malware of its own. The Stuxnet virus widely believed to have…originated in the US or Israel governments…"
And this Barr's ideas showed up in Palantir-branded PowerPoints and Berico-branded "scope of work" documents. "Reconnaissance cells" were proposed, network attacks were acceptable, "target dossiers" on "adversaries" would be compiled, and "complex information campaigns" involving fake personas were on the table…"
And this quote:
"The real issue highlighted by this episode is just how lawless and unrestrained is the unified axis of government and corporate power." Reminder:
These quotes from article at:
Article entitled:
"Black ops: how HBGary wrote backdoors for the government"
written by Nate Anderson.
I am posting them here becuse I think it is critical for the people of the US to know that the President is involved in these illegal cybercrime activities and that his meeting with Facebook 's Zuckerberg was not as a 'friend' to the citizens of the US or to Zuckerberg; amd also so they know the FBI is also involved in cybercrimes.
Gloria Poole;At my apt in Missouri;7:38pm;21-Feb-2011

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