Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christians Unite, defeat atheism demands of Universiities

I read an article in the NY Times today written by Stanley Fish, about the lawsuit that is demanding the right to be Christian on campus essentially. You should read the article but keep in mind, that Stanley Fish is a lawyer and holds no firm beliefs of his own that I could discern in years' of reading what he writes but argues both sides at once or favors the State in his arguments.
The debate is about whether any Christian organization on any campus on any University could hold to its core beliefs on campus and expect their members to adhere to their beliefs, in order to be able to meet on campus and have the same privileges atheists, perverts, GOD-haters, and abominable reprobates have. { YES, I know that words make some people mad--so be it, GOD calls them reprobates and abominations in the Bible and that is good enough for me.]
I see the debate as yet another effort by Big Brother Communist government to neuter/silence any show of religious beliefs on any campus and to "legally" harass, persecute, intimidate Christians into silence. Sort of like throwing Christians to the lions in the Roman era--make an 'example' of a few so the rest keep their mouths shut sort of thing.
The question is will the Christians shut up to get along with an atheistic government or will they demand their rights in the law of the First Amendment to be allowed peacefully to live by their beliefs, associate with like believers, protest political actions that violate their core beliefs and get respect on campus?
I know from experience from having taken a class for credit at the University of Georgia about religions and finding that the ONLY religion not discussed was Christianity. The pagan religions were dealt with extensively but the Christian and Monotheistic religions were not discussed at all as if they did not exist. I complained about that and was told that it is because they are majority religions and 'everyone knows what they believe so not necessary to include in college class". I did not accept that explanation then and I do not accept it now, but considered it propaganda from the atheistic Dept of Education that tries in every way possible to require atheism as a condition for getting ahead and graduating.
I have understood that the religion enforced by the US government is atheism and it is demanded, enforced, forced, required, propagandized for all in the fake name of 'tolerance' of other religions. The only religions not tolerated are the monotheistic religions including christianity.
JESUS said, " I am the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh unto the FATHER [GOD in heaven] but by Me." John 14:6,KJV and that is not a loosy-goosy anything goes sort of demand. But THE way, THE truth, THE life and no way to heaven but HIS way. The polytheistic religions that worship the trees, and the earth, and the sun, and the moon, and animals, and the wind, and 'feminists" and statues of dead people are all furious when a Christian tells them they are hell-bound. Those who worship anything but GOD will not go to heaven. The truth is of GOD and spoken by JESUS HIMSELF who is one with GOD, according to John 10:10, KJV.
For more on the topic of who JESUS is, see these websites of mine also:
I believe that Christians must stand up and be counted for their faith more than ever before in the US. At the beginning of the nation when thousands emigrated from England, Scotland and Ireland to avoid the one church philosophy of the Anglican church or the even worst Roman church of the catholics who worshipped idols, there were similar conflicts.
I believe in The Messiah as promised by The Bible and I believe that Messiah is JESUS. I live my life in accordance to the Scriptures including the Ten Commandments in Exodus chapter twenty. I especially promote, advocate for the commandment of 'thou shalt not kill' regarding innocent human life in the womb. {See Exodus 20:13]
Gloria Poole; 9:34 AM, 27-July-2010; at my home in Missouri

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