Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christians Unite, defeat atheism demands of Universiities

I read an article in the NY Times today written by Stanley Fish, about the lawsuit that is demanding the right to be Christian on campus essentially. You should read the article but keep in mind, that Stanley Fish is a lawyer and holds no firm beliefs of his own that I could discern in years' of reading what he writes but argues both sides at once or favors the State in his arguments.
The debate is about whether any Christian organization on any campus on any University could hold to its core beliefs on campus and expect their members to adhere to their beliefs, in order to be able to meet on campus and have the same privileges atheists, perverts, GOD-haters, and abominable reprobates have. { YES, I know that words make some people mad--so be it, GOD calls them reprobates and abominations in the Bible and that is good enough for me.]
I see the debate as yet another effort by Big Brother Communist government to neuter/silence any show of religious beliefs on any campus and to "legally" harass, persecute, intimidate Christians into silence. Sort of like throwing Christians to the lions in the Roman era--make an 'example' of a few so the rest keep their mouths shut sort of thing.
The question is will the Christians shut up to get along with an atheistic government or will they demand their rights in the law of the First Amendment to be allowed peacefully to live by their beliefs, associate with like believers, protest political actions that violate their core beliefs and get respect on campus?
I know from experience from having taken a class for credit at the University of Georgia about religions and finding that the ONLY religion not discussed was Christianity. The pagan religions were dealt with extensively but the Christian and Monotheistic religions were not discussed at all as if they did not exist. I complained about that and was told that it is because they are majority religions and 'everyone knows what they believe so not necessary to include in college class". I did not accept that explanation then and I do not accept it now, but considered it propaganda from the atheistic Dept of Education that tries in every way possible to require atheism as a condition for getting ahead and graduating.
I have understood that the religion enforced by the US government is atheism and it is demanded, enforced, forced, required, propagandized for all in the fake name of 'tolerance' of other religions. The only religions not tolerated are the monotheistic religions including christianity.
JESUS said, " I am the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh unto the FATHER [GOD in heaven] but by Me." John 14:6,KJV and that is not a loosy-goosy anything goes sort of demand. But THE way, THE truth, THE life and no way to heaven but HIS way. The polytheistic religions that worship the trees, and the earth, and the sun, and the moon, and animals, and the wind, and 'feminists" and statues of dead people are all furious when a Christian tells them they are hell-bound. Those who worship anything but GOD will not go to heaven. The truth is of GOD and spoken by JESUS HIMSELF who is one with GOD, according to John 10:10, KJV.
For more on the topic of who JESUS is, see these websites of mine also:
I believe that Christians must stand up and be counted for their faith more than ever before in the US. At the beginning of the nation when thousands emigrated from England, Scotland and Ireland to avoid the one church philosophy of the Anglican church or the even worst Roman church of the catholics who worshipped idols, there were similar conflicts.
I believe in The Messiah as promised by The Bible and I believe that Messiah is JESUS. I live my life in accordance to the Scriptures including the Ten Commandments in Exodus chapter twenty. I especially promote, advocate for the commandment of 'thou shalt not kill' regarding innocent human life in the womb. {See Exodus 20:13]
Gloria Poole; 9:34 AM, 27-July-2010; at my home in Missouri

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thanks for Prolife Legislation, Missouri Legislature

Missouri Governor allowed SB 793 to become law yesterday and thanks be to GOD for that. That law is prolife legislation as it requires abortion clinics to comply with providing ultrasounds and to allow the woman considering an abortion to see the ultrasound and hear the baby's heartbeat. I got the info from an article in the Columbia {Missouri] Tribune today entitled "Missouri Governor lets abortion [regulating] law take effect" written by David Lieb for the AP. Of course he being indoctrinated by journalism schools to be prodeath tried to put a spin on the news and left out the word regulating but I added it in since that defines the actual bill.
I quote from that article :
"It also requires abortion providers to offer women the chance to view an ultrasound and listen to the heartbeat of the fetus. And they will have to supply a state-produced brochure proclaiming: "The life of each human being begins at conception. Abortion will terminate the life of a separate, unique, living human being."
Statistically, when women see their baby in the womb and it is a tiny baby appearing as a baby in human form by the time they miss their period, and hear the heartbeat that begins at 10 days after fertilization, they will not kill their baby.
Especially 3D ultrasound has been one of the most powerful, most persuasive tools against abortion ever, because it shows the babies' faces. And shows them sucking their thumbs if they are doing that when ultrasound is done. An ultrasound is not invasive or painful. It consists of a Doppler being placed on the outside of the woman's abdomen and a conducting medium --jelly sort of--on top of skin that conducts the sound waves, sort of like sonar into the womb. The sound waves bounce into the womb and pinpoint the baby and then bounce back with info that is interpreted by the computer into a digital image much like digital photography. It is literally a window into the womb.
I am grateful for Missouri Legislature passing this law and for the Governor allowing it to become law. It will save lives of Missourians.
Gloria Poole, RN [but my RN license is currently in Colorado] but I live in Missouri; 11:16 AM, 15th-July-2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ending abortion & resources for life

The webinar sponsored by 30 prolife organizations is on right now. Go to and or to listen to the training. Click the orange boxes to listen to the discussions. All sessions were taped so you could hear the audio later if you missed sessions. They said 10,000 people are listening and I say thank GOD for that!
Here are some quotes from it:
'there are 180 abortions in the US for every adoption";
'there is a mobilization...record numbers getting lives where you live.";
"how could anything as barbaric [as abortion] be legal in the U.S?";
'abortion is a terrible scourge on this country."
"Focus on Family says 87 % of the women who see an ultrasound [3D] change their minds about having abortions."
I am also listening as a registered person.
I will update this with much more info later.
Go to the website now and listen to the sessions. The Power of Prayer is on now, so click that one.
Gloria Poole; 12 :15 PM, 10th-July-2010; at my home in Missouri
the most explosive website you have probably ever seen is at : about the genetics motive of the abortion industry to eradicate the black races. This is from Life Dynamics of Mark Crutcher's of Denton Texas, who said that Ruth Ginsberg on the Supreme Court said, that her goal was to prevent a population we don't want to have too many of [blacks ]". And said the motivation of legalized abortion is eugenics to kill off the black races.
update again:
Rev. Tom Euteneur of Human Life International called abortion a 'demonic religion" and said it is from the followers of molech the false god of the Bible. He said the altar to the false god is the abortionist's table, and the abortionists gives the blood sacrifice of the child [child sacrifice to appease false god] and that the federal guards protect the killers. He said it will take a 'counter spiritual force is necessary to defeat it". And he called it 'spiritual warfare".
More later.
Also, if you know of anyone considering an abortion, tell them to call 1-800-395-HELP to get counseling not to abort. It is a 24/7 number.
update again @ 2:01 PM:
Books recommended so far:
"Grand Illusions" by George Grant;
"The Tiniest Humans" by Dr. LeJeune MD;
"Shaping History through prayer and fasting" by Derek Prince;
"The Case for Life" by Scott Klusendorf;
"The Marketing of Evil" by David Kupelian;
"How Evil Works" by David Kupelian;
"Prolife Answers to Prochoice Arguments' by Randy Alcorn;
Remember that these are books and normally they would be underlined but I am trying to hurry to add this content so you could get it if not listening to webinar.
Also, attorney Tom Glessner of the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates,which is a law firm that helps prolifers and is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, said 'if abortion isn't evil, then there is no such thing as evil'. He is instrumental in helping Carenet transition to medical clinic status in order to provide 3D ultrasounds to women. Ultrasounds are medical practice and require supervision of a medical doctor. For those clinics that provide an ultrasound to the women considering abortion, 90% of the women keep their babies [Care Net stats] when they see their babies. Tom Glessner says the "GOD given instinct takes over' and the woman when she sees the baby in the womb, thinks 'my baby', and then plans to keep baby. And he said that the bottom line to the abortion industry is money, and that when the money is taken away their committment to it, crumbles. The website of the lawfirm is
Melinda Delahoyde of Care Net said Planned Parenthood named them as their enemy and that she considered that to be evidence that they are very effective in saving babies from abortionists.
There are 2500 pregnancy centers/clinics in the US and 300+ maternity homes and that many adoption centers also. There are 40,000+ volunteers in the pregnancy centers and they are almost entirely funded by private money on the scale of March of Dimes. They provide all services free to the women to help them get prenatal care and the needs of the baby.
Also see the film series, 'Whatever happened to the human race?"
And attorney Tom Glessner said the movie that influenced him to become prolife and work in it, was 'Assignment Life'.
Also, see the Life Choice Project to provide ultrasound machines to all pregnancy centers and helping them transition to medical clinic status, which requires meeting defined criteria by health care organization standards that certify medical clinics.
Most of all, give money to pregnancy centers. Remember that in economic hard times there is more risk of abortion. Women falsely think they cannot afford a baby. But be a hero and make a living baby affordable for them. GIVE MONEY to the prolife causes, and give sacrificially if necessary. Remember Deuteronomy 30:19-20, KJV about choosing life so you and your seed [your offsrping] may live too. Paraphrased words, read scripture and memorize it. I want you to read it for yourself.
And pray, pray, pray that GOD ALMIGHTY will end abortion!
At the view the video "no greater joy" and also 'law and order". And get the $2 booklet named 'Sharing the prolife message' that is a small handy size to help you.
Pregnancy centers are Carenet and their website is
Also Birthright in Canada and Heartbeat International. In NYC, is Mothercare which provides free room and board and a stipend to those willing to learn prolife activities. They are committing to making prolife work a professional approach. Chris Slattery was the speaker about MotherCare in NYC that will be across from Yankee Stadium.
Also Wendy Wright of Concerned Women of America said she recommended resources that help develop the right attitudes are books :
"Third Time Around" by George Grant about how Christians have been trying to intervene to save lives one way or the other since JESUS was on the earth; and
"The Altruistic Personality" about the people who helped saved the Jews during the reign of terror in Germany and what motivated them. I did not get the author's name but I am sure Google knows it.
For Concerned Women websites are:, and or
For Chris Slattery, slatteryn1 I think he said on facebook.
Update @ 2:51 PM:
Lawyers who are Christian and prolife who will help are:
Thomas More Society the one in Chicago;
Alliance Defence Fund.
Also another pregnancy center is EMC Frontline pregnancy center mentioned above, with Chris Slattery. See for more.
And about sidewalk counseling: Wendy Wright said she could not guarantee no one peacefully demonstrating on sidewalks would not be arrested. She said there are some towns that do not honor First Amendment but she said remember that GOD might give you the time to witness for HIM that you would not have had if that had not happened, and might also deepen your understanding of the political reality that exists in America [the will of GOD for you at that time]. Remember that protesting in front of Planned Parenthood makes the community aware that they are there. A lot of their offices and centers are low key not to call attention to them,but you want to call attention to the Christians and prolifers where they are and what they are doing. It is a civil duty to protest evil. I really believe it is a duty to try to save human lives according to Proverbs 31:8, "open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction." KJV.
More later.
Update @ 3:24PM:
Rachel's Vineyard is a group organized to help women and men heal after they erroneously had an abortion. They said, that women who abort are not allowed to talk about it in medical circles because they don't want the world to know how unhappy those women are. So Rachel's Vineyard helps them by allowing them to talk about the trauma of abortion. They said there is a continuum of emotions in men and women who abort their baby, that range from grief, to mourning, to complete psychosis and breakdown. They also said that sometimes the women deny the trauma until something else happens that exposes the root cause of the abortion. The men also suffer and their "common denominator" was shame that they failed to protect their own baby in the womb. They said there is a natural instinct in men to protect babies and especially if they encouraged, promoted, forced the abortion they experience shame and guilt, unresolved. They said the emotions men and women who experience abortion [ baby in womb also of the father/man involved] 'have everything to do with trauma'.
More later.
Update at 3:52PM:
The Justice Foundation run by Allan Parker is gathering information from women hurt in any way by abortion to submit to the Supreme Court. Allan Parker said 'the truth will make you free". And said 'to recover yourself through forgiveness in Jesus Christ" and quoted Revelation 12: 11 about overcoming by their testimony. And he said,'speaking out breaks the lie". He also said, 'let's end this madness [of abortion].' See and download the declaration form and hand it out and gather information to send to the Supreme Court to ask them to overturn Roe v Wade decision. He said those testimonies will 'break the shelter of lies that protects abortion", and he said by doing that you could be a 'declaration ambassador" . You could also sign the declaration online if you had an abortion and regret it. Mr Parker also said that the National Help Line for Abortion Healing is 1-866-482-LIFE. The declarations could be done confidentially and it is toll free number.
Carmen Pate said she feels compelled to warn other women. She quoted Dr David Ferguson's study that showed that women that aborted were at much higher risk of psychological problems, depression and suicide.
Update @ 8:02PM:
On the session about influencing the culture actor Eduardo Verastegui was in Mexico but did the movie Bella that is a prolife movie. Jason Jones said, 'art is very effective way to communicate human dignity". See and sign the prolife pledge there to help end abortion.
Jason Jones is the director of Bella Hero that provides a way for people to donate the DVD of Bella to a pregnant woman. Bella the movie has helped more than 100 women change their minds to prolife. Jason Jones also said that Hollywood is more prolife now.
Alveda King, who is the niece of Martin Luther King Jr, also spoke. She said 'african americans are being targeted." And she said duty to 'uphold the King of Kings who is JESUS Christ"... and "this is the human race, and all are entitled to life". Especially I liked when she said,' in this [abortion ] war, occupy til JESUS comes", and "use all resources." See and there are links there to her blog and to the open letter to Obama that she wrote. Also the prolife freedom rides that she is organizing similar to the freedom rides of the civil rights movements begin July 24th from Birmingham, Al to Atlanta Ga.
Jill Stanek spoke and gave tips on how to blog for the prolife cause. Her blog is at
This entire Teleseminar was begun by and also participated. The speakers are from
I could add much but this is a long blog already. I might add more to another blog of mine in a day or two.
Gloria Poole, RN, 8:11 PM, 10th-July-2010.Accomplished by listening to some of the replays which you could do also.