Sunday, May 30, 2010

Canada thank you ; and PUSH for prolife cause

The Canadian Flag was flying over Missouri yesterday along with the US Flag. I took this photo of it. And I am adding it here to thank Canada for all they do for me.
I attended the Salute to Veterans Airshow and took a lot of photos there. I added them to several of my blogs and they include fighter jets, the Sikorsky helicopter, a robot, and some of the Honored Military from both the U S and Canada.
Of course, I like Canada a whole lot. I live in Missouri however,but Canada is an ally of the US and it is more prolife than the U.S. and has a prolife Prime Minister and thank GOD.
Also see these websites of mine hosted by Canadian companies because US companies try very hard NOT to ever host a prolife site. It is the political regime of the killing scheme of Obama and his ilk.
See and
And also
I am a US citizen but I am thinking of emigrating to another country because the US persecutes prolifers--those who believe that there is NO right to kill one's offspring.
Also remember that I am absolutely without apology prolife 100% of the time. Since humans in the womb are human they must have the protection of the governments from premeditated slaughter.
Remember that the innocent humans are what the prolife cause is all about:

This photo of newborn, and the Canadian Flag photo are copyrighted photos of Gloria Poole> Original photographs. Gloria Poole from my home in Missouri; 8:00 AM, 30_May-2010

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