Friday, June 20, 2014

Regimes always censor opposition don't they?

This morning about 3 am I was waked up by what sounded like drones flying overhead. I immediately thought of the news I saw on TV yesterday about the state of Maryland being the first in nation to have 24/7/365 surveillance by the U S from the sky . The news said it was the first but in reality, I am reasonably sure that spying by drone over the U S has been going on for about 2 years. And because I am a prolife blogger, intent on persuading enough people that abortion is genocide to outlaw it, I have encountered many efforts by those in high places to censor my words. Those attacks take many forms : breaking into my computers, telephones and online accounts by prodeathers; use of IRS from five states to harass me { I only have a residence in one state and that is Missouri], creation of fake bills that I never owed for the Telecommunications union to use to try to stop my internet services [ a new trick since Dec 2013], use of my identity stolen by prodeathers who broke into my accounts to steal emails and domains of mine; hijacking my UGA alum status by criminals at remote, etc etc, etc. I think I have realized that such is the life of any person who opposes the status quo whatever the status quo is. Once upon a time,[in Europe and Russia] it was the "law" to kill Jews and those who protested were labeled and in some cases, killed also. Once upon a time it was the "law" to "own" other people and to kill them if owner didn't like their attitudes or day's labor. Once upon a time it was the law that slaves who successfully escaped had to be returned to their lawful "owner" and those who resisted were labeled abolitionist and law-breakers. Once upon a time it was the "law" that white people couldn't attend the same schools as black people and those who resisted were locked up, or beaten and some were killed. Once upon the time,[in ancient Egypt] it was the 'law" for Jews to make bricks and be slaves of Pharoah and Moses who resisted had to flee the country for losing his temper and fighting back the wrong way. Once upon a time,[ in the continent of Africa] some black people kidnapped and sold other black people into slavery and those who resisted were killed [that is recent event in news].

Of course, the moral of this is that evil is not a new thing. It's been around since Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel[ read Genesis 4. KJV]. How governments deal with evil certainly varies from country to country. In the U S, we the people have the misfortune of having a President and Attorney General of nation who do not believe in written laws nor the U S Constitution. They should be impeached for that because their JOBS are to uphold the U S Constitution as it is written, not as they want to re-write it to be. They have created anarchy, lawlessness of the true written laws , but substitution of their own made-up laws all by themselves bypassing both the Congress and the people. Because people, like me, oppose their agenda of millions of dead babies paid for with U S taxpayer dollars [via the so-called "obamaCare], they have implemented a spynet of a massive scale to spy on citizens in real time, as they type on a keyboard, or a device of some sort to see if their words meet approval of the censorship team. I am a U S citizen by birth, born in the state of Georgia, and not subject to any lawful form of censorship because I have First Amendment liberties. I am also an educated woman having a Registered Nurse career and a business degree from the University of Georgia. That has not stopped the efforts by the prodeathers to censor my words on the web.

I reason that one of the best ways to fight back against regimes is to speak the truth, tell what I know, write about it and keep on keeping on, until someone listens, until it sinks into the brain-washed minds of those who attended Universities where 99% of the faculty are democratic-socialists. How can a nation whose Supreme Court insists that diversity is so all-important as to require throwing open the floodgates to illegal emigrants, be the same Supreme Court that winks-winks at the 99% democratic-socialists and the 1% republican professors teaching in Universities? I know that is not accidental. No, indeed, it is quite intentional because it is what regimes do. IF you study history of almost any nation, you will see that there are predictable events that each nation's leaders do when they are attempting to amass power for themselves. I read history intermittently and I am summing up the sequence.

First they set an elaborate system of weasel words [euphemisms to disguise their true intent] to fool most of the people. They hire P.R. people in entire teams to 'manage" the Press. They pay money from the taxpayer till to entire classes of people to "win" them over; and or they promise them everything [such as Obama promising citizenship to hispanics 10 months before last federal election]. They use propaganda techniques of frequent speeches on TV, internet, town meetings, "tragedies" made by them to provide a photo-op, and they do not obey the written laws. They spy on the citizens, intercept messages and phone calls, try to keep the people dependent upon one government program or another [LBJ's program was "war on poverty" ; B Clinton's was "health care reform" and "fetal stem research" to get NIH $ to fund hospitals; and Obama's is "ObamaCare" socialized medicine plan. ] They cook the books so that the massive flow of money from the taxpayer's to themselves is not discovered until they are out of office [think how H Clinton concealed "lost" 6 billion $ from U S State Dept until she was not in that job any longer. And they use all methods known to human race to try to suppress / squelch / oppress those who oppose them. EVERY regime does some version of these tactics. As they intimidate more people and amass more power, they get bolder and start killing their opposition. H Clinton did that when the democrat in Arkansas was gunned down in their campaign office because he knew how she and B Clinton got to White House. H Clinton didn't want him to talk. Obama killed several people who helped him rig the last election including Aaron Schwartz of Massachusetts who attended Harvard briefly and was known by faculty to be hacker.

I OPPOSE Obama and his AG HOlder because I am republican as defined by U S Constitution but more importantly because I am Christian, and believe the Bible to be true. One of the commandments of GOD is "thou shalt not kill" as written in Exodus 20:13, KJV. JESUS said it differently when HE said, "even so, it is not the will of your FATHER which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish. " Matthew 18:14, KJV.

I intentionally add other topics to this blog at times because it is my platform for whatever I want to write on it, or display on it. It is for my purposes in other words. One of my main purposes is ending abortion as a so-called right. To do that, it sometimes seems as if going two steps back, one step forward because all the obstacles thrown in the way, have to be dealt with in some way and overcome, to make progress. I blog frequently on public health issues also. Some of those blogs are, and remember that each is unique and contains different content as I create them one by one at different times:

You the reader should also know that I draw and paint frequently and that I often display that art I create on the web.

Also, as I was reading the news today, I read excerpts of a speech given by a man whom I have disagreed with at times, but in this instance, his words are relevant to this because he also is opposing censorship. I am quoting:

"Michael R. Bloomberg, former New York City mayor and majority owner of Bloomberg L.P. “Intolerance of ideas, whether liberal or conservative, is antithetical to individual rights and free societies, and it is no less antithetical to great universities and first-rate scholarship. There is an idea floating around college campuses, including here at Harvard, that scholars should be funded only if their work conforms to a particular view of justice. There’s a word for that idea: censorship. And it is just a modern-day form of McCarthyism. Think about the irony: In the 1950s, the right wing was attempting to repress left-wing ideas. Today, on many college campuses, it is liberals trying to repress conservative ideas, even as conservative faculty members are at risk of becoming an endangered species. And perhaps nowhere is that more true than here in the Ivy League. ... “Requiring scholars — and commencement speakers, for that matter — to conform to certain political standards undermines the whole purpose of a university.” From :

IF I can persuade some Universities' Boards to hire some republican professors [ who have a prolife platform as a party], if I can persuade some that the mass slaughter of any group of humans is genocide, if I can persuade some editors and journos to investigate abortuaries, if I can persuade some women not to kill their offspring, then it is a good start to overturning the infamous Roe v Wade decision that must be overturned by Congress in a Constitutional amendment giving legal personhood to all humans in the womb. That is the goal: a Constitutional amendment declaring that humans in the womb are humans with human DNA and therefore persons since only humans are persons and extending the 14th Amendment of protection to them as a class of humans.

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