Sunday, February 16, 2014

Painting to Reclaim the word harvest; by Gloria Poole of Missouri

I saw an ad in a magazine that reminded me of a tradition in my family of origin when my daddy was alive. And I remembered The Bible also said to give a feast of the harvest of the crops, a day of thanking GOD. I painted a sketch, but made it my own by altering almost the entire photo by painting it with acrylics on paper my way. . It does not have the same "people" as in the magazine and in fact, the "people " in this sketch are entirely made up; and I added one to make a 'family" of all age groups. I signed my name as I usually do when I consider it a painting. I consider this a painting on paper because of the number of hours I put into drawing it then painting it. Because families should have all age groups I added in a toddler [and wish I had drawn in a baby in a high chair which I might do later]. And I named this sketch I painted and just finished a few minutes ago, "thanks giving of the harvest". My reasons for that name is to honor the word of GOD that called the gathering in of the crops a harvest; and to reclaim the word "harvest" from the killing industry of the U S. The macabre killing centers of the U S perverted that word harvest to try to fool humans into thinking massacreing tiny humans or older humans for their body parts was acceptable, but it is not. Harvest is a decent life-giving word, not a euphemism for government ordered and paid for killing of humans for their cells and body parts. This sketch is to remind people what a harvest is. It is of food grown and gathered and prepared for eating.

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Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri, which is my only residence since Oct 31, 2009 [for purposes of copyrights]; 16-February-2014 at 9:43am.