Sunday, January 19, 2014

Jeremiah 1:5 is good Prolife scripture

Obviously, the photo of above is a #prolife banner and it is on my drawing board [because that has metal fasteners to hold it in place while I, Gloria Poole, photograph it]. I love that scripture because it reminds me and you should remind you readers also, that your were in GOD's mind before HE created you, before the spark of life from the male sperm penetrated the female egg of your mother; and that GOD designed you. Isn't that a thrilling thought? YOU are a designer creation made by GOD HIMSELF.

This is one of the #prolife blogs that I, Gloria Poole, began years ago, and have continued. The purpose of it is included in its title. It's about saving the human race from self-destruction; about ending abortion, about re-educating women on the development of their babies in their wombs; about persuading women not to abort and men not to pressure them too; and about influencing politicians to do something to end abortion as a so-called right. GOD wrote in stone His Commandments and one of those is: "thou shalt not kill" in Exodus 20:13, King James Holy Bible.

For those of you with the ability and the means to travel to D.C. this coming week [the 22nd] please go there and participate in the March for LIFE. I put more details on another blog of mine at:, so scroll back 2 or 3 posts to find it.

Statement of Ownership and copyright: This blog and all content, words, photos, art are the exclusive property of me Gloria Poole of Missouri. It always was. I own all rights to this content from the beginning. And that is also true of which is also mine.

I am white, single, Christian, woman and I am the natural mother of two daughters who are Jennifer and Leigh. I am divorced twice, removed the Pappas name from my name forever by Court order after second divorce, and resumed my maiden surname of Poole in Oct 2007 after 4 years of marriage which was a terrible second marriage for me. I moved to Missouri with my art, and photos and belongings in Oct 2009. That is necessary to write to clarify who I am and where I am, since there was massive confusion caused by impersonators about my name and location from about first of November 2013 until today, when I was told an account of mine that I logged into in DEc 2013 was "deactivated" because I had not logged in a a "long time" which was 3 weeks].

Gloria Poole, at my apt in Missouri; 19-January-2014 at 4:09pm. I am alo known in real life as Gloria; and as Gloria Poole; and on web in variety of ways that I have written it on blogs, and websites and they are: gloriapoole; gloria0817; gpoole817; gloria.poole; gloria-poole; gloria_poole; gloriapoole1749; Gloria Poole,RN and other variations of my real, born with and legal name of Gloria Poole.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This Gloria Poole is alive and in Missouri .

I am reiterating the message I wrote yesterday on my blog at; and that is, that I Gloria Poole am alive and am living in my same apartment I moved too in Missouri four years ago. There was a deliberate effort by prodeathers to "black out" [censor, suppress, squelch] my #prolife words on the web. And one of those methods they used was to post a fake obituary with my born with name on it during December in an effort to take down my #prolife blogs. The enemy of GOD, who is the devil is the enemy of human life too, according to John 8:42-47, King James Holy Bible.

The atheists {GOD-haters as defined by Exodus 20:1- 5, KJV} are trying to destroy the "United" States and they have made much progress splintering the states into prolife vs prodeath; birthright citizenship vs overthrow by illegal emigrants; socialist vs liberty; black vs white; grandchildren vs solitary old maids; living babies born vs dead babies delivered. I am not willing that evil should win, so I keep on, keeping on.

Also, for the record, though it is not required since this endeavour is not a not-for-profit nor an ngo, I am adding a Statement of Ownership : This blog, and the content of it, and the art on it, are the exclusive intellectual property of me Gloria Poole of Missouri. I am also a Registered Nurse and an artist in oils, acrylics, watercolors, inks, powdered pastels; goauche, tempera, on a variety of surfaces [no reference to the Microsoft product] and sometimes I post art I create to blogs for showing art to all even the poor, and or for making, illustrating a point. An example of that is the lesson I put along with my oil painting I painted and named "midwife" at: . I Gloria Poole own all rights to the name Tapestry of LIFE since I made the name up in year 2003 when I had a TV program in Denver, Colorado at the DCTV station; and I entered a video of it with me as the producer and hostess of the show, into a contest in California and gained recognition of it. I have continued this blog of it after I moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009, and continue to post to it regularly. The name Tapestry of LIFE was and is meant to convey the beautiful, rich tapestries made of thread that are through-out Europe but for my personal life as GOD weaved together a motley mess of threads of my life's work, career, talents, achievements, failures, injuries, setbacks, into something cohesive and beautiful from GOD's perspective. It is a name that I retain the right too. I know that many tried to incorporate it into their businesses somehow because #Google, GOD bless them, alerted me to that fact. I photographed a bit of my tapestry that I own which is much simpler than the ones in Europe, to add here so you have an idea what a tapestry is.

Also, for the record, I Gloria Poole am a white, single, [divorced twice] woman, and I am Christian, republican, prolife, and also a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri; and an artist in all artists' mediums. I am the biological mother of two daughters and they are Jennifer and Leigh; and the grandmother of minor children. You may see the drawing my five year old granddaughter Galatea sent to me that I posted this morning on one of my blogs at: I removed the surname Pappas from my name after my second divorce from DBP, that occurred in Centennial, Colorado District Court in Oct 2007 after four horrible years of marriage to him; and I resumed my maiden name of Poole at the same time. I moved to Missouri on Oct. 31, 2009 to the same apartment I am writing this from. But I was born in the state of Georgia and am a U S citizen by birth. This Tapestry of LIFE account is not a shared account, and neither is this apartment nor this computer, nor this isp account shared. Criminals breaking into it from remote, do NOT authorize themselves on my accounts!

Also, remember the annual March for LIFE is coming up. There is some deliberate confusion on the web about when that occurs. I wrote in detail about that on my blog yesterday at: If you are planning to attend, you should call the organizers to verify the actual date of the March for Life.

Also, my copyright protection extends to all my blogs, all my words, all the art I create. I have other blogs on the #prolife cause and they are:

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Gloria Poole, at my apartment in Missouri, which is my only residence; 8-January 2014 at 9:28am;