Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This blog & the words, art on it are created by Gloria Poole, RN & artist in Missouri: Legal NOTICE Ownership

I am posting this entry as reminder to the public that I began the entity of "Tapestry of LIFE" in Colorado during the years I lived there. I also entered my efforts into a competition [in yr 2003] that was held in California and I received an 'award" [certificate of recognition] about it. It has been nearly impossible to hold onto it. My computer was hacked in years 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012 as cyber-criminals broke into it to steal the emails I used to use them to steal bank info, and then to steal domains that were registered to me for YEARS. I realized after all domains were stolen from me via fraud, that the hosting companies I had done business with in Colorado had allowed unauthorized persons to contact them to get my info and passwords. I realized that if I reentered my new card numbers on cleaned computers/ devices those same criminals would be able to get my new card numbers. So, because there are basically no laws governing intellectual property on the internet, nor governing financial transactions done through the internet, nor any laws about business contracts agreed to on the internet, that paying hosting companies was a huge risk of wasting money and subjecting myself to cyber-attacks, and fraud from known criminals/ felons who know my identifying info; because he stole my state of Georgia issued ID when I lived in Colorado for yrs 2002-2007,[but I was married to him only four years and ten months-- that were the longest 4 years of my life because it was a violent, terrifying experience].

When I get control of my emails, my name, my created works, my blogs and unauthorized persons are not allowed to login to my accounts, then I will quit posting notices such as these. Until then, it is a legal necessity to post a legal notice warning banks not to lend money to felons in Colorado who apply for credit in the name of Tapestry of LIFE [or my own real name for that matter] and not to allow anyone in Colorado to login to any account of mine, or intercept my emails, phone calls, or text messages,or photos, or blogs, or intellectual property. And also this is a legal notice to law enforcement everywhere that my 2nd exhusband [initials DBP] does not live in Missouri; is not authorized to enter my dwelling, has a restraining order against him forever; is not my boss, is not my relative,is not my business partner, is not my "associate" , is not my friend, is not authorized to use my real born with name of Gloria Poole, nor the name that was my name when I was married to him, nor to use the names of my two daughters or of my grandchildren in any way.

LEGAL NOTICE TO WORLD,BANKS,ISPs,TELEPHONE COMPANIES; any & all who have reason or need to know this: In fact, I consider [male; grown adult] who is my 2nd exhusband who had Colorado ID at the time of that 2nd marriage that stated his name was "Dana Ben Pappas" to be my worst enemy who threatened to 'track me down and kill me" repeatedly; who demonstrated his plan to assassinate me to terrorize me; who put his hands on me with force to twist my arm behind me to steal my airline itinerary that was in my hand along with cell phone as I was planning to leave him and Colorado,who also tried to twist off my broken ankle/foot that happened when he created circumstances of "accident" to cause me to crash down flight of stairs in July 2006 in Aurora, Colorado,who slammed me on bed to try to rape me but I put my foot on his chest and pushed him back, who tried to strangle me in 2005 in Sheridan/Englewood Colorado [except I bit him til he turned loose], who set me up to 'make it look like accident" to injure me physically several times in years 2003-2006 in several places, and may have been the person behind the attempt to run over me with a cargo van in June 2011;who approached within inches of me with clenched fists and jaw saying he was going to kill me [but I used the judo I was taught as student nurse to rock him backwards to prevent him from hitting me with fists--the only time in my life I had ever used that chin maneuever];who caused me to have to leap from moving car three times to stay alive, who shoved me from passenger side of car, sped off trying to drag me with car in 2004; and who stole my U S mail, broke into my computer by calling up hosting companies with my info,stole at least one state-issued ID that I know of for certain , from my purse as I slept at nite; who entertained women in adultery in the marital bed when I went to my father's funeral in 2004;who stole my resume, marketed it as himself trying to get hired to elevate his status and hourly wages; who participated in homosexual activities for pay [ I honestly did not know that he was bisexual before that 2nd ceremony of marriage that occurred some place in Denver Colorado as private ceremony at minister's house but which was recorded in state records]. I am divorced from him [DBP} since Oct 2007 and it is recorded in Arapahoe County Colorado and on the state of Colorado computers. I verified that before I moved from Colorado in Oct 2009. I know for certain that he has changed the spelling of his name several times since 2007 because I saw his fake ID on the table in Aurora Colorado before he moved out of that apt in Spring 2007 [but Magistrate in Littleton told him to move out in April or early May 2006 after he tried to kidnap me in the parking lot of the Arapahoe County Courthouse at Centennial in 2006 for giving testimony there, and to stay away from me and away from apt; and put restraining order against him & put him on probation [which amounted to NOTHING]. DBP is my enemy and if he comes through the door of my dwelling ever again, I intend to kill him with whatever method is at hand. He is not going to harm me again, by the grace of GOD, and my determination to defend myself against him and his accomplices. The law requires a notice not to trespass so this is it. I have tweeted it before as a warning not to trespass on my property in Georgia, or my apt in Missouri, or my computers, private matters, legal matters, tax matters, health care records or treatments, bank accounts or any and everything that concerns me.

signed : Gloria Poole, RN, and artist in Missouri; @ 11:55am; 21-May-2013.