Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Prolifers, here's some GOOD news for the battle

Prolifers are in the battle between good and evil that began when the first woman Eve defied GOD, to entice Adam to eat what GOD told them not to eat; and for which cause GOD cast both of them out of the Garden of leisure into toil and suffering. Read chapter 1 of Genesis and follow through-keep on keeping on to understand the character of GOD.

Now, I wrote that to get to this point: today in Reuters' Legal news reporting [which is always excellent] I read about a case decided by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that is a great opportunity for prolife lawyers & prolife ngos to jump on to apply to prolife cause.

The background of the case is that the U S Justice Dept tried to stop a drug salesman from suggesting uses of prescription drugs that were not the usual use of them, to medical doctors and he took it to Court.Twice. And won on Appeal. The decision in that case of U S vs Caronia, 2nd U S Circuit Court of Appeals, case # 09-cr-5006 will help the prolife cause tremendously because it sets a precedence for true INFORMED CONSENT. Prolifers have been pressing the cause of ultrasounds before a scheduled annihilation of a human baby [abortion], for years, believing that reasonable, sane, decent people won't purposely destroy their own flesh and blood.

But that evil Planned Parenthood which makes its money killing and rigging elections, has manipulated the Courts across the U S with sleight of hand tricks, weasel words & quack doctors.

But the decision in U S vs Caronia will help defeat Planned Parenthood and all abortionists, because it sets a precedence for giving a patient the full truth and full options before making decisions that affect their bodies or health. I quote: " The First Amendment directs us to be especially skeptical of regulations that seek to keep people in the dark for what the government perceives to be their own good". [Judge] Chin wrote in his decision. Now, think this through.

The evil lawyers of the Center for Reproductive [killing] "rights" and Planned Parenthood's lawyers argue that the secret that the abortionists must hide from their potential victims is the humanity of the human in the womb. So they fight ultrasounds before abortions, and medical descriptions of truth and normal waiting periods of no rush-rush to slaughter that abortion clinics force. So when Judge Chin's words are applied to the Planned Parenthood lawsuits against prolife States, the prolifers have a very potent weapon to argue for true informed consent before an invasive procedure [abortion] that a woman could die from, with other risks of perforated uterus or bowel, uncontrollable bleeding necessitating a hysterectomy, sterility after invading womb with sharp objects; cardiac arrest from anesthesia; damage to kidneys from potent drugs used in anesthesia; and other risks but those are the most serious.

Another quote from the case is " In the fields of medicine and public health, where information can save lives, it only furthers the public interest to ensure decisions about the use of prescription drugs including off-label usage, are intelligent, and well-informed."2nd Circuit Court Judge Chin in his 2-1 majority decision. Since informed consent serves the public interest in the prescribing of medicines, it also serves the public interest in the doing of tasks by those licensed by the State to do tasks that could take lives ; see the risks already mentioned.

My thanks to Reuter's News for their Legal news that is always well written and very helpful. To find the article go to, scroll to bottom of page, click Legal , then scroll to find article "Federal Court voids drug rep's conviction, cites free speech.".

Gloria Poole, R.N. licensed in Missouri; 4-Dec-2012 ! 12:16pm; [also an artist since people wonder about that sometimes. See for more on that.]