Friday, February 3, 2012

How Many Dead U S citizens is enough?

I noticed in the morning news that the fake charity of Susan Komen decided that funding killing of babies was their agenda and decided to give lots money to the killing organization of Planned Parenthood. I say it is a fake charity because I believe that any organization allowed the IRS distinction of a "charity" should not be involved in organized crime of mass murders. The schizophrenia of the U S shows through at every debate on abortion. The same government that spent trillions to track down one man {Osama bin Ladin} for his involvement in killing about ??? 2900 people [didn't google that number] , encourages Planned Parenthood to kill MILLIONS of U S citizens annually and on U S soil. So it brings into sharp focus the priorities of the U S Senate who hounded Komen to support killing of innocents according to the news, and the President-from-hell-Obama who has caused the biggest genocidal plan since Hitler to be rammed through Congress last year. That genocide plan is the "ObamaCare" plan for abortionists and hospice killers to live well.
I despise Obama as the biggest fraud to ever be President & the worst President. He is a fraud because he calls himself Christian, but he is not Christian because that word derives from the word "Christ" associated with JESUS, who never advocated the premeditated merciless slaughters of innocents of any age, and who spoke the words as recorded in Matthew 18:14 [KJV] "even so it is not the will of The Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish."
The total cowardice of most men on this subject only shows how ignorant they are on the topic of the anatomic truth of how humans develop in the womb, and that their offspring is not permanently attached to a woman's uterus, but lives there for 9 months. And it shows that most men take the easy way out by being silent & complicent because it helps the cause of adultery, and fornication, etc, which a whole lot of them expect regardless of their marital status.
But I take comfort in another scripture: from Galatian 6:7, KJV, as written: " be not deceived. GOD is not mocked. For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." Those who death and destruction to their offspring will reap the same death & destruction which would mean violent death since abortion is a horrible violent death for a tiny, defenseless human.
And in time, those who have no offspring will die out and only prolife people who reproduce themselves will inhabit the earth. It is discouraging at times to try to turn a society around, away from "legalized" mass murders and back to GOD. History records that in every time when genocide was tolerated for several years [40+ in the case of abortion ] it becomes entrenched evil, that takes a revolution of either a whole lot of hearts, or an actual revolution to stop. I know from scripture that such evil will be overcome by JESUS, one way or the other.
But I wonder how many dead U S citizens will it take to trigger either GOD's intervention to stop it, since about 100 MILLION murdered innocents-in-womb has not. GOD is way more merciful than most humans it seems, but I also think time is running out for America as we the people know it, to repent and turn back to the Commandments of GOD as written in Exodus chapter 20.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri;3-Feb-2012;12:19pm