Monday, December 13, 2010

ObamaCare unconstitutional-cannot force citizens

"Health Care law Ruled unconstitutional" --YEA! and thank GOD!
Read article of ruling by Virginia's federal Judge Henry E. Hudson that the main
provision of the Obama legislation to force Americans to buy health
insurance [or any product] is unconstitional and beyond the jurisdiction
of the commerce clause of the Constitution in the NY Times article today.
Article written by Kevin Sack and located at:
11:43 AM 12/13/2010

This is very good news! There is at least one federal judge in the U S that knows the U S Constitution. I had almost despaired that Obama/Holder had eliminated all of them
and replaced them with puppets.

Gloria Poole; in Missouri; 11:37AM;13/Dec/2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

"There is no more no more noble cause than...:

In an article by Robert Pear in the NY Times today it says that the
US House of Represnatives is planning to push for much stronger limits on
abortion, and thank GOD.

Prolifers gained 45 seats in Congress this past election,and Speaker of the House
John Boehner of Ohio is one of the strong prolifers. He has consistently opposed
Planned Parenthood' agenda of first kill all the baby humans.

"Mr. Boehner strongly supports the proposed
restrictions. “There is no cause more noble than the defense of human life,"[said john Boehner Speaker of the House]. This
quote is from NY Times article entitled "Push for Stricter Abortion Limits.." in today's NY Times online.

And this quote :
"Like most Republicans in Congress,[Republican Representative] Mr. [Joe] Pitts said he wanted to repealthe health care law, which was passed by Congress on party-line
votes without Republican support.

Short of that goal, Mr. Pitts said he was determined to ban federal
subsidy payments to any health insurance plans that include coverage
of abortion..."[end quote].

The "Energy and Commerce Sub-Committee on Health" has jurisdiction
[or oversight only since Congress in full session must vote yea or nay on
any Committee or Sub-Committee recommendation, over these areas of
federal government:
Food and Drug Administration
National Institute of Health
and because of Obama's socialized medicine over-reach also private insurance companies.
8:43 AM 12/12/2010

Of course, if you have ever read anything of mine, you know I am absolutely 100% prolife and absolutely opposed to the US federal government or the state governments allowing abortion, subsidizing it, paying for it, failing to prosecute for it,and
promoting it or exporting it abroad. It is the worst evil of all since the tiniest humans in the womb cannot defend themselves or fight back against the womb-assassins.
Remember the commandment of GOD as written ' thou shalt not kill" in Exodus 20:13 as the reason for why abortion must be illegal. It is a heinous act of premeditated murder against the tiniest most innocent of all human in the womb.

Gloria Poole,RN ;licensed in Missouri; 8:54am;12/Dec/2010;in Missouri