Saturday, November 27, 2010

Speaker of House Boehner, end abortion!

From on 17-Nov-2010 is this news sent to me via email:
quoting "Pro-Life Congressman John Boehner Elected New House Speaker
Congressman John Boehner, a pro-life advocate who led the fight
against the abortion-funding ObamaCare legislation in the House
was unanimously elected today by his Republican colleagues to
become the next Speaker.

GOP members of the incoming Congress held a closed-door vote
during a meeting in the Longworth House Office building.

Boehner faced no opposition and three pro-life House members,
Reps. Dave Camp of Michigan, Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia and
Steve Stivers of Boehner’s home state of Ohio, placed his name
into nomination and gave speeches on his behalf.

“Since his first days in Congress, John Boehner has stood up to
Washington and stood up for the American people,” said Camp,
according to a Politico report. “As one of the architects of
the Contract with America, John demanded the federal government
be more limited and more responsive to the needs of the American

Republicans also elected pro-life Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia as
majority leader, pro-life Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California as majority whip,
and pro-life Rep. Jeb Hensarling of Texas as Republican Conference chair..[end quote]
I know the U.S. knows the mainstream presses' take on this subject but you may not know the prolife approaches to government of these Congressmen who have taken control of US House of Representatives, and thank GOD for that. Please pray that GOD will embolden them and give them bacbones of steel when it comes to voting into public law prolife legislation to end the premeditated slaughters of innocents in the womb.

Of course, one of my main goals of my life is to end the fake law called Roe v Wade that was a massive ursurpation of power by the U.S. Supreme Court decades ago. I call it a fake law because it is. There was no constitutional amendment to amend the U S Constitution or bill of rights that gives humans about to be put to death the right to government review of that in a long process called 'due process'. Where is due process for the innocents in the womb whose lives are put on a list [operating schedule] to be destroyed at the whim of the so-called mother [a cat is a better mother than a lot of women] and an exploitatice paid assassin-of-innocents [abortionist]?

It is waaaaaaaaaaay past time to end that mass murder in america. Congressman john Boehner I challenge you personally to end abortion,show what you are made of,do the right thing for the unborn/preborn and America by ending methodical depopulation of these States.
Gloria Poole,RN; 7:38am;27-Nov-2010;at home in Missouri
Also Life News is available online at and they send their newsletter to you if you sign up.

7:22 AM 11/27/2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote but only for prolife candidates

I think it is a privilege to be allowed to vote and I urge everyone to do that . However, I also ask you to remember that actions have consequences. Whoever gets elected to office especially the federal level has a lot of power that in past as recently as yesterday, has been abused to try to stay in power and dominate the masses [their word for the population of America ]. Use your power to vote carefully and defend those who cannot speak for themselves, or write letters or hire lawyers or lobbyists to "persuade" and or bribe those in power for them; and that cannot fight back against those who would assassinate them because they are tiny,defenseless humans. I am referring to those humans in the womb. They need champions of their civil rights, and they need them in this election.

Therefore today when you vote, vote only prolife. Do not vote for those who have voted in the past to allow the premeditated murders of innocents in the womb.Do not vote for those who have campaigned on the false/ propaganda/mantra of a woman's right to kill. Do NOT ever ever ever vote Democrat. Their party platform is about control,domination and killing of innocents as a right. GOD wrote in stone the words 'thou shalt not kill' and it is recorded in the Bible in several places including in Exodus 20:13,and in Deuteronomy.

Also remember that private citizens [ and I am one of them] have First Amendment liberties to publish their political opinions and religious beliefs ; and also other protections of the US Constitution. I am a human woman not a charitable organization and I am not subject to censorship. Those who have tried to censor my words are those murderous thugs in Congress who have made millions from killing innocent humans in the womb; and who have made deals with the devil killing group named Planned Parenthood to get their support in rigging elections, buying judgesin order to get their rubber stamp of approval on slaughter innocents in the womb,and monetary gain from human flesh and blood sold to fake research labs.
Do not vote democrat--they are not prolife collectively as a party or individually
and should not be in any office anywhere.
Gloria poole,RN;at home in Missouri;2-Nov-2010 7:34AM;