Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Harassment by perverts continues

I am documenting again on a site that belongs to me and that the name of Tapestry of LIFE belongs to me about an on-going problem. I think this is the correct site to post this entry on because the name of Tapestry of LIFE originated with me when I made it up in early 2003 based upon my remembrance of real tapestries I saw in Europe and I wanted my life's work to be a tapestry--a series of interwoven events and beliefs to make my life beautiful for THE LIVING LORD JESUS. Then perverts, sodomites and reprobates [the words the Bible uses to describe those who have s-e-x with members of their own gender] tried to hijack the word tapestry and every thing that goes with it.

I fight back against them in every way possible. I publish that I am heterosexual because it is true and because it infuriates them. Then they s-pa-m flood my inbox with pervert ads, and even send their pervert emails to my paid for accounts and they put images of women with their [they think] enticing words intended to provoke and aggravate me. They have a PAC that has the purpose of harassing,intimidating, and provoking and destroying the created words of heterosexuals and they have operated under the radar for about 2 decades because they have had the political backing and protections of perverts in Congress. They know I am a woman and they also know that one of my email addresses that I have had for years is gloria-poole at They also know that I am one of their arch-enemies.
If you want to see why they are trying to aggravate and provoke me and trying to make earthlink take down my websites visit these earthlink websites of mine: [John the disciple of JESUS]
and also visit the links on those sites.
Paying for a service and have it hijacked by perverts seems to be the 'norm' for the internet but it is not the norm for GOD. I know that in time, GOD will defeat them and destroy them, and I know that from reading the scriptures of Leviticus 18:22 in the King James Holy Bible and in reading Romans chapter one about those who make idols their god, and those who have reprobate minds and the end result of them [death as it says in the last verse [32] in that chapter of Romans. And the death that is promised is from GOD HIMSELF, and maybe through those appointed by GOD to be warriors. I don't know about that, who does the avenging but I do believe that GOD has avenging angels sent from heaven to do the bidding of GOD because the Bible says so. And I publish this info because I KNOW for a fact/statistic that heterosexuals in America are 99.5 percent of the population and that we as a class are tired of perverts parading in the streets with their same sex partners in sin, flamboyantly trying to flaunt the laws of THE VERY GOD in our faces. There is going to be a judgement day and those who are perverted, reprobate * sodomite, lesbian, abominable to GOD will be dispatched to hell where they belong, according to scripture
Gloria Poole; at my aprt in Missouri; 7:25Am, 31-Aug-2010
*footnote, according to dictionaries the word reprobate means that a person is so vile and has been given all the chances to repent he or she will ever have, and his or her name has been written on GOD's book to be sent to hell.

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